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Art Club

The members in Art Club get to attend various trainings and workshops to pick up and develop their art skills, in both traditional and new mediums. This year, the members were trained in watercolour by the established artist Mr Foo Kwee Horng.

Art Club members get the chance to learn photography skills and apply them through event photography during school events. Works done by the Art Club members are used in publicity materials of the school, such as promotional materials, school website and school magazine.

They also took part in various other fine arts competitions to apply their skills learnt. They explored on the spot thematic painting competitions, photography competitions and other 2D design competitions. Besides having art making skills, they are also capable of sharing their art knowledge as docents and guiding external visitors in our annual art exhibition.

Teachers in Charge

Training Days

Ms Angeline Neo (I/C)

1400 – 1700

Ms Juliana Jumadi

Mr Seah Kim Weng (Photography)

Student Leaders:
Chairperson:                                    Teo Yeling Kristy 3E2
Vice-Chairperson:                            Han Siling 3E2
Section Leaders:                              Goh Jing En 3E1, Chen Hui Shan 3E3 & Jhedson Ace Navas 3N1

Assistant Section Leaders:               Lydia Tan 3E2, Ng Woon Ning 3E2 & Charmaine Lim Xue

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Watercolour Workshop with Mr Foo.JPG
The Amazing Photo Race.jpg
Enjoying our lunch while editing our photographs on the computer.jpg