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Teachers in Charge:
Ms Isabelle Chua (IC)
Mrs Gwen Ng
Ms Noorlizah Suriyap

Days of Training:
Girls’ C Division – Monday, Wednesday 1530 - 1830
Girls’ B Division – Monday 1530 to 1830; Friday 1430 - 1730



Team Profile

C Division

B Division


Mr Cheok Yeow Sian
Mr Tan Ling Teck

Captain: Janthina Tan (2E1)
Vice-Captain: Michelle Wee (2E4)


Mr Cheok Yeow Sian
Mr Syafiq

Captain: Elyse Lim (3E2)
Vice-Captain: Sabrina Lim (3N2)


Badminton (Girls) has been established for about 2.5 years and is a competitive sport. Trainings are twice a week for each division, and each training aims to impart in students techniques in playing, and at the same time develop the students in character, inculcating in each member values of Responsibility towards their learning, Integrity by being great sportsmen, Care for teammates and Excellence in pursuing the best results possible.

Our Girls also participate in competitions such as the annual South Zone Badminton Tournament, external competitions like the recent Alpha Age Group Badminton Series June 2017 and the Wee Kim Wee Badminton Challenge Trophy, and also friendly matches with other schools. By taking part in competitions, we hope that our members will learn how to develop confidence, determination and teamwork which can aid in their personal growth.


Regular Training