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Boys’ Brigade

Sir William Alexander Smith founded The Boys’ Brigade (BB) on 4 October 1883 at the Free College Mission Hall at North Woodside Road, Glasgow, Scotland. It is the world’s first uniformed organisation for youth and has spread all over the world, inspiring numerous other groups such as The Girls’ Brigade in 1893 and Boy Scouts in 1907.

The need to engage boys in meaningful and purposeful activities is as relevant around the world today as it was more than 130 years ago in Scotland. The BB method in the development of youth has stood the test of time and has proven to be successful in moulding Boys to be responsible Men in the Family, the Community, the Nation and the World.  BB seeks to provide a fun, meaningful and challenging programme for the holistic development of the boys centred on good character-building values passed down from a Christian tradition.  In particular, the emphasis is on leadership development, team building, life skills, adventure activities and community service.

At the completion of the Seniors Programme, a Boy should be able to:

  • Plan & Organise
  • Achieve team building
  • Apply instructional techniques
  • Understand and apply a taught leadership theory (values based Habitudes)



  • Exercise initiative
  • Be a change agent
  • Apply communication and presentation skills
  • Exercise self-discipline
  • Understand and apply stewardship principles
  • Think and plan creatively
  • Possess and direct passion in a constructive way
  • Hold on to the right values, e.g. integrity, compassion and perseverance


Community – Spiritedness

Global Awareness

  • Understand and appreciate the local community
  • Hold on to the belief of national citizenship
  • Have a spirit of service to the local and overseas community and put this into practice




Recent achievements of the 48th Boys’ Brigade Company in Singapore

2017   J M Fraser Award for Excellence (2016): Gold Award (11th consecutive year)
2017   BB Blaze: 9th position
2016   J M Fraser Award for Excellence (2015): Gold Award
2016   BB Blaze: Silver Honour Roll
2016   Character Quest: Gold Honour Roll


Day / Time


Mr Richmond Su (I/C)
Mr Lawrence Tang (Advisor)
Mr John Kok
Mr Jerome Ong
Saturday / 0800 – 1200
Parade Square,
Car Park, 

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