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Design & Technology



  Lower Secondary Upper Secondary

 D & T

Common syllabus for Express,

Normal Academic,

and Normal Technical

Express: GCE 'O' Level
Normal Acad: GCE 'O' Level 4N
Normal Technical: GCE 'N' Level




Nurturing Zhonghuarians to be passionate learners in pursuit of excellence; dynamic and resilient leaders with a passion for innovation; cultured and caring citizens who care for the environment.


Scholars ○ Leader in the field of technology


  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Care
  • Excellence

Strategies and Programme

Focus in D&T Lower Secondary Curriculum: 

Enjoyable lessons with engaging elements


Focus in D&T Upper Secondary Curriculum:

Meaningful application of knowledge learnt



a) Structure: 

  • Lower secondary students from Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) are offered same opportunities to learn D&T and HE via fun, enjoyable and engaging lessons.
  • Upper secondary students from Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) experience the entire Design Thinking framework through engaging and enriching projects and lessons. 

 b) Instructional Programmes:

  • Adopt Problem-Based Leaning approach
  • Inject fun elements in design and sketching activities
  • Conduct learning journeys for experiential learning
  • Perform model making to visualize individual design ideas
  • Experience co-operative learning via team project
  • Apply appropriate technology to enhance design functions
  • Learn and apply relevant software to enhance design ideas


Making Designing Fun

Past years Secondary 3 students have given feedback that they would like to be given the opportunity to embark on a learning journey for D&T coursework. This year, the secondary 3 D&T cohort was brought out to Esplanade Waterfront to appreciate the fascinating building structures there. Many of the building structures there were designed using the shape borrowing technique by architects.

Our Secondary 3 D&T students used these buildings as inspirations in generating ideas for their product design. They employed the shape borrowing technique that they have learnt in class on the interesting shapes of structures there. They spent an afternoon taking photographs of different structures and sketching their product design based on these photographs.

Some pictures of this year’s learning journey to Esplanade Waterfront:

DNT A.png

DNT B.png