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Language for Expressing
Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.
~ Benjamin Lee Whorf

In our journey to nurture an appreciation and love of the English Language and Literature through a multi-modal approach and active engagement in student-centred lessons, task-based activities, collaborative learning and authentic language experiences, the department has engaged students in two new exciting experiences in 2017:

Reading & Literature - Reading using iPads

Appreciation and love of the English Language and Literature within the school is developed by getting students to read the Straits Times as well as their own books during the morning Mass Reading Programme.  This year, the use of iPads where students read graphic novels with themes revolving friendship and various school experiences has been introduced. Aside from the engaging and relatable themes that the students are introduced to while reading, the multisensory aspects of the graphic novels come alive to the students who find themselves quickly immersing into the world the graphic novel presents. Through reading on iPads, the department aims to inculcate in students a love of reading, broaden their horizon, and help them see more perspectives of the world. 

Eng A.jpg
Eng B.jpg

Students reading the assigned graphic novel for the period.

Language for Expressing & Fun

During the post-examination period, the department also came up with games to engage our lower secondary students. Students worked together in groups to play an ‘Escape’ game, using their reading, speaking, writing and listening skills to solve a puzzle.

In addition, another group of students was encouraged to allow their creative juices to flow as they competed to construct creative short stories in their groups using the Book Creator application on iPads. Both activities were well-received by the students.


Eng C.jpgEng D.jpg

 ‘Escape’ Game – Students in deep discussion of the puzzle that they had to solve.

Eng E.jpg
Eng F.png

 Creative Comic-writing – Students collaborating to come up with plots and using sketching and even acting to bring their comics to life.