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Mathematics in school is no longer just about adding things up, but more about getting students to think like a mathematician” – The Straits Times, Monday,11 April 2016

The recent mathematics curriculum has given more focus on the mathematical processes of communication, reasoning and making connections across topics and the different subject disciplines. There is also a greater focus to allow students to see how mathematics is related and grounded to the real-world context.

The Zhonghua Mathematics Department strives to provide an enriching mathematics curriculum for all students to develop the necessary skills and mathematical literacy to become confident Mathematics problem solvers.

The department teachers carry out meaningful learning experiences in the classrooms to provide students with opportunities to develop strong mathematical processes and skills. These include Mathematical Modelling on a real world authentic task. In addition, the use of ICT tools such as Graphmatica, GeoGebra and Edmodo promotes deep learning in topics such as Geometry and Graphs and allow students to collaborate and discuss mathematical ideas. In addition, the online E-Learning Portal allows students to do self-directed learning.

Learning is customised to suit the different profile of learners in the school, with structured programmes like the Lower Secondary Structured Bridging Programme being put in place to help different segment of students to improve on their mathematics. The peer tutoring programme for the Sec 4 and 5 students continues to be a key program for the department.

In promoting Joy for Learning in Mathematics, mass enrichment programmes like the Sec 1E Mathematics and Science Trail at Changi Airport; Sec 1NA/NT Mathematics and Science Trail at Sports Hub, Sec 3E/N Mathematics Challenge and more, were carried out.

In addition, the department provides ample opportunities for students who show interest and strong ability in Mathematics to participate in different projects and competitions. These include:

  • The Singapore Mathematics Olympiads (SMO)
  • The Singapore Mathematics Project Festival (SMPF)
  • UNSW Mathematics competition
  • American Mathematics Competition (AMC)
  • Singapore and Asian Mathematics Olympiad (SASMO)

The latest achievements of the students in the competitions are as shown below: 

Singapore Mathematics Olympiads 2017
1 Silver for the Junior Section;  
1 Silver, 2 Bronze and 3 Honourable Mention for the Senior Section 
1 Honourable Mention for the Open Section


University of New South Wales (UNSW) 2016
7 students attained High Distinction Awards; and 25 of them attained Distinction Awards.

Math A.png

Singapore Mathematics Olympiad Winners

Math B.png
Math C.png

Mathematics Modelling for Lower Secondary Express Students

Math D.png

Sec 1 Math and Science Trail at Changi Airport