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The Music Programme in Zhonghua Secondary School comprises of the General Music Programme (GMP) offered to all Secondary 1 and 2 students. In line with MOE’s aim to provide a holistic and broad-based education that caters to the all-round development of our Zhonghuarians, our school will be offering GCE O-Level Music for Upper Secondary students from 2017. This is a two-year programme starting at Secondary Three and leading up to the O-level examinations at Secondary Four.

The Music Programme is supported by 3 music studios and a purpose-built music lab to cater to both the GMP and GCE O-Level Music Programme.


Scholars o Leaders

In line with the school’s vision of developing scholars and leaders in our students, the Music Programme at Zhonghua seeks to develop Scholar-Musicians who are well-versed in the performance and theory of music, utilizing their skills to become Servant-Leaders in Music to enrich the community and country.


To nurture students with a life-long passion for music-making and music appreciation

To cultivate dynamic and resilient servant leaders through music-making

To develop cultured and caring citizens with a global outlook through the study of music in and beyond Singapore

To equip students with fundamental skills in music in preparation for the 21st century economy


Strategies and Programmes


The Music Programme seeks to nurture the life-long passion in music through the establishment of important musical ideas and concepts that are core to our discipline that have a lasting value beyond the classroom. The key Enduring Understandings that we aim to nurture in our children are as follows:

·         Music is a sonic representation/reflection of the world around us

·         Individual elements in music help us express ourselves through sound

·         The interplay of structure, creativity and culture leads to different forms of music

·         Music plays an important role in social cohesion and racial harmony

General Music Programme (GMP)

Music A.png

[Clockwise from Top Left] Students composing their own songs using iPad Garageband during music lessons; Students performing in a Show Choir at the School Assembly; Students forming Fusion Ensemble; Students performing their songs composed on the iPad at the SYF Celebrations 2017 Youth Station Showcase at the Esplanade Library

The GMP is offered to Secondary 1 and 2 students.

At Secondary 1, students understand and learn about basic elements and concepts of rhythm and harmony through music creation, appreciation and performance. The lessons in the fundamental concepts in music culminate in a STOMP Performance. The application of rhythm and harmony is built upon in the learning of the Ukulele.

With the skills learnt in Secondary 1, students in Secondary 2 commence on music-making in the context of a vocal-instrumental band where they make music collaboratively in groups, each playing different musical instruments based on assigned repertoire. This culminates in students eventually given the autonomy to select a song of their choice and performing it in their own vocal-instrumental band.

In all, the GMP seeks to equip students with fundamental skills in Music that would allow them to express their ideas, thoughts and experiences in musical terms.

Advanced Music Programme (AMP)

The Advanced Music Programme is conducted in tandem with the GMP and offered to students with an interest in pursuing Music at O-Levels and also students from Performing Arts Group (PAG) CCAs. The programme provides an in-depth study of musical theory and musical performance that would help introduce students to the O-Level music syllabus and their mastery of the respective instruments played in the PAG CCAs.

Keyboard Enrichment Programme (KEP)


Students practising on the keyboard as part of the Keyboard Enrichment Programme

The Keyboard Enrichment Programme seeks to develop students in the area of practical skills on keyboard performance, underpinned by knowledge in musical theory. Students undergo 10 weeks of lessons where they learn the basic chords used in popular songs, chordal patterns used in keyboard accompaniments in bands. The programme culminates in a solo and group performance of a song of the students’ choice.

O-Level Music Programme

Music B.png

[Clockwise from Top Left] Students playing on Asian Music Instruments; Flute and Piano Duo; Piano Quintet; 

Student composing music in the Music Lab


The O-Level Music Programme is offered to Zhonghua students who are musically-inclined and committed to an in-depth study of music.

The programme aims to help students acquire critical thinking skills and musical creativity through a study of music analysis, composition and performing.

The O-Level Music programme at Zhonghua seeks to provide students with a firm grounding in the fundamental concepts of musical history, analysis and performance that would be used to study music from the Western and Asian Culture. The programme also adopts a cross-cultural contextualization approach where students learn to appreciate the similarities in genres and styles of music beyond different cultures and peoples.

Students offering Music at O-Levels will also have opportunities to perform at lunch-time concerts and embark on learning journeys to external concerts


To gain entry into the GCE O-Level Music Programme, students would be required to have obtained:


Grade 4 pass in BOTH

·         Practical and

·         Theory/Practical Musicianship


In the absence of the qualifications as stated above, to undergo a selection test administered by MOE that comprises a Live Audition and Theory Test