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Basketball Season Reflections

Lim Xiangying Nicole 3E3

I felt tense and nervous during the Finals and I was trying to calm myself down. I felt that if I were in the court more times, I would eventually feel less nervous. But apparently, that didn't work. My nervousness caught up with me before I realised it and I started making careless and silly turnovers. I didn't get on court about 3 times and felt really frustrated for not keeping myself together and not being able to help my teammates. After the game which we lost, I was really sad as we lost and angry that I was not able to help the team. I caused stupid turnovers and did not finish well and score when I had the ball. For the upcoming matches, I will try my best to help the team as much as possible and improve myself at the same time. No effort will be flushed down the drain. We will do our best in the upcoming matches.

Shermin Moh, 4N1

It was quite a tough journey preparing for the South Zone matches as we had recently changed coach and I did not know what to do. It felt like I was lost and had no more hope for the South Zone. But I still trained hard and tried to go for training even though there were SSP lessons after school. I also ran around my home area to train. During the Finals, I thought that we were going to win even though I felt nervous. But after the game, I was disappointed as I felt that I had not done my very best. I realised we have to improve our stamina even more. I am going to run more around my home area during the holidays and I will keep myself fit and ready for the game. 

Crystalbell, 3E2

Before our B Division season, together with my teammates, all of us worked and trained hard. Although there were times when we really didn’t feel like training, we still continued and never stopped. There were tough sessions for us but together as a team, we overcame them and took several months to prepare for the B Division matches. 

I was over the moon when I knew that we were able to proceed to the Finals. During that match, I was very nervous. Thus, my performance was not up to my expectations. Though many people came to me and said I did a great job and played well, I still feel disappointed as I know I am capable of doing better. I felt that if I had played better during the finals, our team could have won. I blamed myself a lot and was in tears. However, after all that, I decided to focus on the upcoming matches instead of being stuck at that point. 

I felt very thankful to my teammates as they came forward and comforted me instead of blaming me. During this whole journey, I learnt to become a more sensitive and caring person towards my teammates, to control my emotions better and understand my teammates more. Because without empathy for my teammates, I will never be able to communicate effectively and bond well with them. In life, there will always be failure, but the failures keep us going and help us become stronger.

Jonalyn Koh, 4E1

The preparation for the B Division South Zone Competition was tough and tiring. Hours of training with the team brought us closer together with a common goal in mind, winning. With our hard work, we soon qualified for the Finals. Before the crunch game, I remembered how nervous I was, getting sweaty palms and even trembling with anxiety. However, I was able to focus my mind on the game. Even though we did not achieve the Title that we so badly wanted, we were proud to come in Second Place with so much hard work, passion, determination and support for each other. From this, I have learnt that teamwork and communication are vital to have a good game. Without both, we would not have gotten so far to the South Zone Competition. The final result was a wake-up call for us all to work extra hard if we wanted to be in the Top 8 for the Nationals. That will always be our goal.

Jiang Chenxi 2E1

On 27 February, two classes were brought to Delta Sports Hall to cheer on our B Division Basketball girls in their South Zone Semi-Finals against Raffles Girls’. I was one of the supporters and it was certainly an interesting experience as I had never really done anything like that before. We waited with bated breath for the match to begin and once it did, we were cheering and screaming, “Go Zhonghua! Let’s go!” Our school was leading throughout the match and the supporters cheered even louder, proud of how well the Basketball girls were doing. Even though we were leading, the opposing school put up a good fight and ‘intense’ was the only word that could describe the tension at the court. However, Zhonghua’s Basketball girls played on and never let their guard down, scoring basket after basket and increasing the lead. I was transfixed by the match as there were so many impressive shots and dribbles by both schools, captivating everyone’s attention. The match ended with Zhonghua winning and the supporters went ballistic with the cheers and applause for the Basketball girls. Watching our players ‘fight’ on court had taught me to never give up and to persevere no matter how difficult the challenge.

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