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CCA Open House 2016 Reflections

The CCA Open House was held on 9 January 2016 for Secondary 1 students to get to know more about the various CCAs in Zhonghua Secondary. In preparation for the event, the members of the various CCA groups had to set up their CCA booths and learn how to persuade their juniors to join their CCA. 

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Here are some reflections by the students who were involved in the CCA Open House:


The CCA Open House was quite an interesting experience for me as I was able to meet many Secondary 1 students. During the CCA Open House, I met many Secondary 1 students with mixed feelings about Scouts. It was pretty daunting at first to approach the Secondary 1 students and talk to them but I preserved and was soon able to do it more confidently. This experience allowed me to learn how to interact with other people.


Ian Pua


Secondary 2E4 2016



Even though this is my fourth year participating in the CCA Open House, this year’s CCA Open House was an enriching experience for me as it was the first time the Secondary 4 students were in charge of an event. We had to work with the Ventures and the rest of the troop to ensure that the structure was stable enough for the Secondary 1 students to climb on. This experience allowed us to foster our bonds with each other.


Ong Jhin Yee


Secondary 4E3 2016



The CCA Open House held great significance for us as it was our last year participating in it. Through the performance segment of the CCA Open House, we learnt the importance of appreciating the music and enjoying the songs we were singing. When it was time for the Secondary 1 students to visit the booths, our CCA members displayed a lot of enthusiasm in telling the students more about our CCA. This is something we are really proud of and will hold dear to as it reminds us of the fond memories we share and the bond that has been strengthening steadily over the years.


Koh Shi En & Tan Kah Yong


Secondary 4E5 2016



During the CCA Open House, we were tasked to promote our CCA to the Secondary 1 students by doing stunts on the trampoline. We also had to share with the parents and students the safety measures that are in place during CCA practices. Throughout the day, there were times when we felt like giving up as managing a huge crowd of students was exhausting. However, we encouraged each other on and persevered. We also took turns to teach the students the different types of stunts. This CCA Open House taught us the importance of teamwork and the need to help each other through difficult times.


Ong Yu Kai


Secondary 4N1 2016