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Chief Commissioner’s Award for Scouts

The Chief Commissioner’s Award is the highest award that scouts can achieve in their scouting journey at the secondary level. One of the toughest components of the award is the exploration assessment which is administered by the HQ. The assessment requires them to lead a patrol of at least 3 other scouts on an overnight hike of about 30 km and the emphasis is on leadership, planning as well as endurance. Not many candidates who attempted the exploration assessment passed. We are proud of our scouts who have shown great resilience, skills and leadership to achieve excellence in their scouting journey with this award.

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Reflections by Awardees:

I’ve definitely benefitted and learnt a lot from the exploration assessment. I hope that I will be able to motivate my juniors and maybe even other fellow scouts to have the courage to try to attain the Chief Commissioner's Award by sharing with them what I’ve learnt. I would like to thank all of my Scout leaders, Ventures and my troop mates for always supporting us.

Ang Jing Xuan Chermaine

Honestly, becoming a Chief Commissioner's Award holder is something that I never thought would have been achievable for someone like me. If it weren't for the encouragement and support I've received from my family and friends, I would not be where I am today. The journey has been challenging but I've definitely learnt a lot from it and so, to you who is reading this, whether you are my junior, or a school mate, I hope all of you will have the courage to work towards your own goals, be it the Chief Commissioner's Award, or whatever you wish to accomplish. Finally, I would like to thank everyone for supporting all of us throughout our scouting journey.

Ang Yen Yin Elizabeth

Throughout this journey, I have learnt to be more responsible, not just for myself but also for my fellow junior scouts. During the hike last year, I made sure that my companions were well-hydrated by getting them to drink some water at every checkpoint. I also taught them tips on how to make use of landmarks when navigating through unfamiliar terrain so as not to get lost. On the second day, we found out that we were short of food as I had not planned the food list out properly before the hike. As a result, we had to eat a smaller portion and this really taught me how important proper planning is, especially as a leader. Having attained this award, I will definitely put the values and skills I have learnt to good use and share it with my juniors. I will continue to guide them throughout their scouting journey by sharing my challenges and experiences, so that they will learn from them, and eventually attain their own Chief Commissioner's Award.

Jernic Yeo Jun Zhi

Earning the award required a lot of time and effort, but it was this time and effort that made the award meaningful. I have gained much knowledge, experiences and values that can be applied in my daily life through the exploration assessment. One such value is perseverance. Although the hike was very tiring, we still carried on and reached all the checkpoints. I also learnt that as a leader, I have to take responsibility for our members’ actions and check that the tasks assigned are completed and done well. If one’s work is not up to par, it would affect the entire team as the team is only as strong as its weakest link. I hope to apply what I have learnt from this experience to other aspects of my life. 

Tay Jih How

Through this arduous journey, I have learnt to be a better person by being more responsible for myself and my troop mates. I learnt to persevere when faced with challenges. I hope my juniors would work towards attaining the Chief Commissioner’s Award and learn as much as I have from the experience.

Teo Zern