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Chinese New Year 2017

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The photographs are taken from Mr K.W Seah and Mr Thomas Teo.

Compared to the Chinese New Year performances in my Primary School, I would say that the one at Zhonghua was much more entertaining, especially when the Lion Dance troupe took the stage. There were also more performances by the different performing groups, which were both interesting and captivating.


The “Lions” spewed candies out of their mouths to the audience’s amusement. They also surprisingly managed to throw the candies to the Upper Secondary students, who were sitting high up at another level. It was a novel experience, sitting amongst the crowd, watching the magnificent co-ordination between the lion dancers, and how they pranced in tandem to the pulsating beats of the drums.


I enjoyed the singing along segment to小幸运 (A Little Happiness), a song by Hebe Tien, which was played very well by the Chinese Orchestra. I also relished the drum performance by members of the Chinese Orchestra, as the drummers put up such a remarkable performance. I was help enraptured by the seniors’ nimble hands and how they were able to maneuver their drumsticks with such incredible accuracy. The Guzheng seniors and the members of the Chinese Dance Club had also put up engaging performances and everyone was entertained.


For me, the most exciting part was the announcement of the results for the classes that had won the 2017 Chinese New Year Classroom Decorations. I was so proud of my class when we were recognized for our unified effort to decorate the class! My classmates shouted and screamed their lungs out in support when one of the monitors went onstage to receive our prize. After the programme, my class went back to class to share the snacks that we had won. Although they were humble snacks, we ate them with much gusto as we were filled with pride over our win. This was indeed one of most memorable Chinese New Year experiences I ever had.


I am grateful to my seniors and teachers who had put in a lot of effort to make this festive concert a truly unforgettable one. They took time out of their SYF practices to put together a series of performances to entertain the school and were truly able to bring out the Chinese New Year festive spirit through the performances. I am definitely looking forward to the Chinese New Year performance next year!


Kelly Ng, 1E1