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Distinguished Speakers Series: Mr Bob Lee (李欣赏) (26 May 2016)

As part of Zhonghua’s Distinguished Speakers Series, we invited Mr Bob Lee, former SPH Photographer and founder of The Fat Farmer (a creative collective), to speak with us about his photographs and the work he does with the community. During his speech, he spoke about his passion for photography and how he used it to improve the lives of people. Below are two reflections by our student photographers from Art Club.

DSS Bob Lee.jpg

When I was assigned to shoot for the event, I caught a glimpse of the photographer. He was clad in a simple grey T-shirt and pants. He started sharing his early works at SPH. Then, he mostly delved in photojournalism. He also shared with us some shots of famous celebrities that he had previously come across.

As an aspiring photographer, I felt that my work was amateur compared to his. His shots had such depth and strength that they were able to convey the intended messages to the audience.

I think it is essential that a photographer is able to make his statement to his audience through his works. In addition, a good photographer must be able to evoke emotions from his audience.

As such, I feel that Mr Bob Lee is a very admirable photographer. In one of his works, he had captured some people’s precious and last moments together. I was very inspired by the photographs as they were very touching. I saw many student-audience gaping in awe. Such is the effect of good photography.

I have learnt many lessons from this talk, and I believe it would help me further hone my photography skills. For instance, one must shoot from the heart. The audience will definitely be enraptured by a sincere piece of work.

I have also learnt that a photographer must be understanding and flexible as there may be clients out there who would reject his shots and criticise them severely.

All in all, a photographer’s job is not as easy as one might think. They work behind the scenes and hardly get noticed by the crowd during large-scale performances. Even then, they play a huge role in the society as they show us the world through their lenses.

Mr Bob Lee has given me strength and the bravery to believe in my dreams.

Goh Jing En, Sec 2E1 (2016)


The assembly talk was an informative and enriching one. Mr Bob Lee has not only shared his own photography experiences, but also attempted to inspire us with the touching stories that he delivered. Mr Lee explained to us the moral concept behind each photograph and how each photograph can tell a story. I admire his kind disposition in helping the less fortunate through what he can do, to the best of his ability. His patience and kindness in teaching the blinds the art of photography let me realise how much we have taken our sight for granted. It was especially enriching for those of us who are into photography as the presentation was very inspiring and prompted us to think and consider more deeply about the beauty of the things around us. 

Kristy Teo, Sec 2E1 (2016)