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Distinguished Speakers Series: Ng T.K., President (Asia Pacific region) of Side Effects Software

On 26 April 2016, Mr Ng Teow Koon, President of the Side Effects Software Inc Asia Pacific, President of a Canadian-based media-animation company, came to Zhonghua Secondary School to share his professional practices during our assembly.

 Both Art Club and Infocomm Club had the opportunity to visit Mr Ng’s Visual Effects Studio at Side Effects Software Inc Asia Pacific in 2015. We were also amongst the audience of his Distinguished Speaker presentation. The students were very inspired by Mr Ng’s insights and sharing.

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Below are the reflections by Celest Poh (4E4’16) and Lee An Ni (2E3’16).

After the studio visit in 2015 to Side Effects Software Asia Pacific Headquarters and an assembly talk conducted by Mr Ng, I have a better understanding of the processes involved in the rendering of a moving scene. In addition, I have learnt that there are many possibilities when using the Houdini software to create stunning visual imageries and effects.

As I am very interested to join the digital media industry, the talk has made it clear to me as to what I would have to do in order to eventually achieve my dreams. After talking to the interns from Nanyang Polytechnic at the headquarters, I have even become more determined to work towards my goal – to pursue an animation course after my O’Levels. I hope I will get the opportunity to work as an intern at Side Effects Software Asia Pacific Headquarters.

After Mr Ng’s presentation, I have also become more motivated me to learn how to use the Houdini software on my own. I would definitely be investing more time to learn how to master the skills involved.

 I felt thankful that Mr Ng had visited our school and given us the opportunity to understand his experiences. It has given many of us the inspiration and courage to pursue our interests. He is indeed a role model for all of us.

Celest Poh (4E4’16)


Last year, during our annual CCA camp, we were brought to Side Effects Software Asia Pacific Headquarters, and we were given presentations by him and his student-interns.

Before the studio visit and talk, I had imagined that creating side effects would be very difficult as they looked complicated. However, after the talk by Mr Ng, I realised that it was not as hard as I thought. Mr Ng’s sharing had inspired me to add side effects in my animation and improve my digital rendering skills. Mr Ng shared that we can achieve better results if we work hard and persevere. We should never give up easily when we face problems. In addition, he shared that if we procrastinate and not put in our best effort, we might not achieve our desired results. Although I had previously attempted 3D animation rendering and was unable to do it as well as I had expected, I am determined to experiment with the Houdini programme. Many of my friends who are not IT-savvy have also become more interested after listening to Mr Ng and some even said they look forward to try it out the Houdini software.

With the current progression in our digital media industry, 3D animation will be very common in the future. I hope to be part of the animation talent pool and contribute to the success of Singapore as a regional digital animation hub in the movie industry.

Lee An Ni (2E3’16)

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