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Humanities Scholarship Tea Session 2019

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Through participating in the Humanities Scholarship Tea Session, one key takeaway I gleaned is that pursuing Humanities allows a person to develop from within. By studying Humanities, one is able to build critical thinking skills and also cultivate empathy, both of which are vital traits that are highly valued in our modern society. In addition, the study of Humanities allows one to deeply analyse an issue from multiple perspectives, and thereby appreciate the underlying complexities or ‘grey areas’ involved. In turn, this encourages us to keep an open mind when solving problems in the future.
Chia Boon Choon, 4E4 

The Humanities Scholarship Tea Session was certainly an enriching experience for me. My appreciation toward Humanities as a subject deepened in recognition of its potential for honing our critical thinking skills, as well as empowering us to possibly make a difference from a space of empathy for others. Additionally, I learnt that consilience is the agreement between approaches of different subject disciplines to a particular topic, and Humanities is a subject commonly involved in drawing this big picture. Lastly, the booths at the Tea Session widened my awareness of various Humanities overseas programmes available. These are eye-opening opportunities that serve to widen our horizon and allow us to become more culturally educated global citizens.
Keagan Hu Yingjie, 4E4