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National Active Agers’ Rummy-O Meet 2017

On 12 March 2017, sixteen National Police Cadet Corps cadets rendered their service as student volunteers to work in collaboration with Braddell Heights Community Centre’s Active Aging Committee (AAC) to organise its annual National Active Agers’ Rummy-O Meet 2017. The objective of the competition is to engage the senior citizens actively in a version of Rummy-O, played using tiles. It provides apt opportunities for the senior citizens to think actively as they engage themselves in the game. The students had a good experience volunteering their time and effort. They found it very satisfying to contribute to the community and bring joy to the elderly, especially when the seniors looked happy and full of smiles.

Reflections and experiences shared by students

I feel very satisfied as this activity has given me the opportunity to volunteer to help the community. Working with the elderly and seeing their happy faces as I counted their scores after each game put a smile on my face as I knew I had done a good service for them. I have also learnt to be polite and to communicate better with the senior citizens as some of them have hearing difficulties.


Maung Myo Thant Tin 3N2. 

Being proactive and observant is very important during the game activity as I needed to count the scores after each game whenever the senior citizens raised their hands for help. I was satisfied after each counting session as I knew they needed me to help them out. Through my volunteering, I have gained new experiences in working with the elderly and working with people in my community. Overall, it was a very meaningful and satisfying experience for me.

Dina A’Tiqah Binte Ahmad Yatim 3E1

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