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NCC International Cadets Exchange Programme 2019

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ICEP trip to Army Cadet Force at Westdown Camp, Salisbury, Sussex, UK (3-17 August 2019)

This trip has truly been a very memorable experience for me. During this journey, I was able to participate in many unique activities that I would not be able to experience back in Singapore. For example, the training in built-up areas was actually conducted in an army-made village so that soldiers could conduct urban operations there.

Although many activities, like water activities and live range, were exhilarating and memorable, the field craft training exercise (FTX) was definitely the highlight of this trip. During the FTX, we stayed in a forested area for 2 nights, eating rations out of mess tins. We carried a general purpose rifle loaded with blank rounds to shoot at the enemy (army regulars) whenever they were spotted. I had the privilege to learn the basics of defending a harbour area and go on sentry duty for hours.

However, the activity was not just a smooth ride. There were many moments when I felt like throwing in the towel. When it rained and I realised my basha was incorrectly set up, regret filled my mind as I became soaked from head to toe. But after seeing how other cadets managed to weather the storm, I picked myself up and persevered. By overcoming such adversity together with my buddies, I have come to appreciate the values of teamwork and determination even more. Nothing can be taken for granted and no one owes us a living. Even simple daily chores, such as laundry, had to be done from scratch. These are things that I would have taken for granted if not for this trip.

Overall, for me, this trip developed my time management skills, discipline and independence, which I am grateful for. I will never forget the picturesque sights of Sussex and the verdant green plains where animals roamed free.

I thank Mr Loh, my Principal, and Mr Terence Tan, my CCA teacher-in-charge, for their full support and granting me the opportunity to represent Zhonghua NCC on this prestigious trip.    

SSG Keegan Gan (3E3, 2019)