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Reflections for Bank of America Merrill Lynch Learning Journey

16 students from the Computing class of 2017 took part in a learning journey to Bank of America Merrill Lynch on the afternoon of Thursday 6 Jul 2017. The students were treated to an array of activities showcasing how computing was applied in the banking industry. They were given first-hand experience in how wealth was created using simulated activities in stock trading. They were also shown how the bank handled cyber security in the protection of customer accounts and information. These learning journeys are part of our efforts to help students relate their learning in school directly with the real world. Two of the students provided their post-trip reflections:

After this learning journey to Bank of America Meryl Lynch, I now have a better understanding of the importance of coding and computing in the banking industry. It is important as part of the program used in their system are crucial defence systems to protect their clients’ vital and private information about their accounts. It is so important that the company will pass the role of solving any virus or threats in the system to other headquarters around the world. I also learnt about the (higher) potential job opportunities that coders can have, especially in the defence aspect in cyber security.

Tan Hui Teng 3E  

The trip was insightful regarding the trading industry and the operations that occur in a bank. I learnt more about cyber-security through the tour and games, as well as gained some novel experience on trading and finance. I also met different people from banking backgrounds which gave me an insight into what they do in their specific industries. I had fun and thoroughly enjoyed the activities planned on this trip.

Linus Loh 3E

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