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South Zone B Division Volleyball Championship 2019

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I am honoured to play in both the semi-final and final competitions. I felt that I did not let my team down. I just keep reminding myself during the semi-final not to make mistakes and play my normal game. In the final, I decided to be a bit more adventurous and made some risky sets and drops as I felt that our opponent was stronger than us and we had to be more adventurous in order to win.

I am proud as I sacrificed many of my weekends practising volleyball and put aside other activities. Although we missed being South Zone champion for the first time ever, we have to start focusing on our Sec 2 and Sec 3 players now and build them up.

In all this, I learnt about determination and fighting spirit, and I am going to apply the lessons learnt in my studies and go all out to prepare for my PFP immediately after this year’s competition.
Regan Ang, 3N2 

For the past few months, I have grown much as a person in this leadership role. Being a captain was not easy, as our team had to overcome many challenges and obstacles to get to where we are today. From the beginning of our competition, we all were very curious about the outcome, how far we might go, etc.

As for myself, I wanted to make sure that my team did not feel down or discouraged at any point of the competition, whether it was during, before or after, as I believed that having a positive mindset would enable us to go further. We slowly became better and calmer during the match, learning from our mistakes and improving, and successfully fought hard together to enter the zonal finals, which was an honour.

I have learnt how to keep my composure so that my teammates would see my confidence and play with ease. If I were nervous every match, it would have brought the whole morale of my team down. It has not been easy as a captain, and I am still learning and trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, but I am thankful for having this opportunity, which was a revelation for my volleyball team and myself.
Asher Heng, 4E2