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Stamp-out Dengue Awareness Programme 2017 (Staff’s reflections)

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I have participated in the Stamp-out Dengue Awareness Outreach programme for several years. The programme is meaningful as it not only serves as a reminder to residents to be vigilant about mosquito breeding but also provides me the opportunity to bond with my students.  

Despite being briefed on how to approach the residents, the students were nervous about having to converse with the residents.  I had to guide them by demonstrating how they should interact accordingly with the first resident we met. We were fortunate that the residents were generally friendly and patient and listened to the students when they were presenting their message.  

It was heartening to see the students’ confidence improve gradually as they interacted with the different residents that they met. They eventually split into pairs to cover more ground efficiently.  

The outreach programme has also allowed both staff and students to understand their neighbourhood a little better. Many residents remembered that we conducted the programme in previous years while others recognised the school’s service to the community. 
Mr Ong Kai Kun   

I have always found the Outreach programme meaningful and impactful. Besides connecting with the community to raise their awareness about the threat of dengue mosquitoes, it was an excellent opportunity for teachers to bond with their students outside the confines of the classroom. It was a joy to work together with the students to educate the community on ways to prevent Aedes mosquitoes from breeding. 
Ms Lum Shu Wei