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Student Improvement Project by I&E Monitors

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For this project, my group’s aim was to improve the recycling culture in our school. We decided to focus on the collection of old textbooks and assessment books for recycling purposes within our school and also work on fun and enriching ways to recycle plastic.

We definitely felt a sense of achievement watching our seniors and juniors participating in the book-donation drive. We were particularly heartened to see our peers picking up used textbooks for their future reference. We hope that this culture of donating used and unwanted textbooks and assessment books will continue in the following years to come.

Throughout the project, I felt a sense of unity as our group was able to work well together and cooperate with each other. We used the Design Thinking Process that got us to think critically about our project. We sought advice from our teachers when we were stuck and realised that our initial ideas were not necessarily the most feasible and effective ideas. That led us to make several refinements to achieve our ultimate goals. All this while, we learn the importance of communication - that it was essential to voice out our concerns and not take a passive role when doing our project.
Charlotte Wong, 2E2 I&E Monitor (2017)

For our I&E project, we were supposed to think of ways to help improve the recycling culture in our school. Aside from working with the team to come up with a proposal, we also had to present our project to our Vice Principals and teachers.

Initially, there were many moments of awkward silence when we started our project. Most of us in the team were unfamiliar with one another. We worked quietly through the Google Document Platform as we contributed our ideas. However, after our first two sessions, we became more familiar with one another and actual conversations about the project began. We were more open to make suggestions and question the feasibility of our fellow monitors’ suggestions. Thankfully, everyone in my team was very humble and we were able to work harmoniously and support each other during the whole process. Friendships quickly formed and it was certainly an enjoyable learning experience as we worked towards achieving our goals.

We also got to present our projects twice – once to the Vice Principals and teachers and during the school assembly. It was nerve-wrecking for both occasions. A few of us were quite fearful of public speaking and we had to practise speaking formally and confidently. Thankfully, our teachers guided us and everyone put in their best effort and eventually overcame their fear.

Throughout this whole experience, I learnt that communication and team work are both essential to the success of the project. I am grateful that I was able to be a part of this project and hope that it has positively impacted the school.
Jiang Chenxi, 2E1 I&E Monitor (2017)