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Visits to Junior College and Polytechnic Open Houses

On 12th January 2016, students from the Secondary 4 Express cohort went down to NYJC’s Open House for a learning journey to learn more about Junior College (JC) education and experience the vibrancy of JC life. In addition, students from the graduating cohort also visited various JC and Polytechnic Open Houses during the first week of January to gain a better understanding of the different courses offered.

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Here are some sound-bites from our students:


 “Visiting NYJC enlightened me on the criteria of entering the school whether through DSA or JAE. I also realised how rigorous JC education is.” – Janine (4E1)


“The visit has helped me to understand JC education better because the students there shared to me what it is like to be in JC and the advantages of being in a JC, as compared to Poly.” – Erica (4E1)


“It was nice to get to experience the culture in NYJC and the students’ enthusiasm during the Open House. There were various booths that showcased the different CCAs and there was even a performance by the Performing Arts CCAs. I also asked some of the students there what life was like and learnt more about their JC life. I realised that JC life is not only about studying. In JC, we must have good time management and learn to manage stress well.” –Anna (4E1)


“Initially, I felt very excited to attend the Open House. However, once I was there, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer size of the school and the number of people attending the Open House. Attending the Open House helped me understand that the JC subject combination system is far more complicated than in secondary or primary school. It also made me realise that I need to research more on the various JC subjects before I make a decision.” –Guo Yuen (4E2)


“It was an enriching and fruitful experience. Not only did we get to take in the environment and atmosphere, we also got to see what was offered in terms of subject and CCAs, including second CCAs. I now better understand the difference between H1 and H2 subjects as well as what I am required to take in the different streams.” –Belle (4E2)


“At NYJC, students have many CCAs, like judo and dragonboating. There are many opportunities for students to showcase their talents and contribute to the school as well as society. Compared to polytechnics, JCs are fairly smaller and students are more unified in completing certain tasks. Polytechnic students are grouped according to their own courses of education and hardly mix with other courses around their campuses.” –Deandra (4E2)


“The visit has helped me understand that JC education can be interesting and exciting as long as you put in the effort to do so. The seniors also told me that it is extremely important to be disciplined and responsible for our own education. They mentioned that it was important to keep myself in check and constantly seek self-improvement.” –Shao Min (4E3)


“The visit has helped to me realise that the JC education may be better for me as it fulfils my future needs as a student.” –Fanetar (4E3)


“It was a unique experience as it was my first time getting to explore a JC in depth. It is quite interesting as I got to learn more about the activities/clubs and courses offered. Going for the Open House helped a great deal as I got some of my questions about JC life answered.” –Kar Yuan (4E3)


“After walking around the campus, I felt that it seems really fun and interesting to be in a JC. Even though the students have to juggle between academics and CCA, they seem to be really enjoying it. The visit has allowed me to understand the difference between Arts stream and Science stream in a JC. I also heard from some students that their J2 year is like being on a bullet train as they are rushing to prepare for their A-levels and so they have mock exams every day. I have also learnt that to prepare for the General Paper exam, I would have to read a lot of newspapers.” –Yi Wen (4E4)


 “It was an eye opener for me as I got to see for myself the life of a college student. It was also an interesting experience for me as I could see what the JC had to offer, for example the various CCAs and subjects.” –Raynard (4E5)


“It was a really enlightening experience. The atmosphere in a JC is extremely different from a polytechnic. A polytechnic has more courses and subjects to consider whereas in JC, the subject combinations offered are not as specific as in a polytechnic. JC also functions more like a secondary school.” –Yun Xin (4E5)


“The trip to NYJC helped me to understand the life of a student in a JC much better, which will also aid in my decision to join a school that I prefer.” –Zann (4E5)


“The mood at Ngee Ann Poly was very lively and it was very fun as we could explore all the different schools and know the different courses available. I found out more about the courses I am already interested in and that enabled me to know better if I would want to take that course.” –Phaedra (4E5)