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Zhonghua Annual Art Exhibition: Expose 90 2016

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From 28 March to 29 April, Zhonghua Secondary School held our annual Expose 90 Art Exhibition, showcasing artworks done by our 2015 batch of Art and Higher Art students. Besides allowing our own students to visit the exhibitions during their Friday lunch breaks, we also extended the invitation to other schools in Singapore. In total, we hosted 45 teachers and close to 600 students from 5 primary schools, 18 secondary schools and 2 junior colleges. We also conducted tours for the 38 school leaders from various institutions during their visits to our school.


The event was supported by student docents from Art Club, who engaged the visitors in discussions about the artworks on displayed. The teachers from the Art department also shared the good art practices observed and provided insights on the thought process behind the artworks.


We will like to thank all visitors for their overwhelming response and for making the event a success. We look forward to seeing you again at Expose 90 2017!



Here are some reflections from our student docents:


My time as a docent was invaluable for I had learnt many new things about the various art pieces my seniors had done. Such that I was left with a deep understanding and appreciation for all that is art. I will not hesitate to do this again.

Tan Yin Xuan

Secondary 3E4 2016


Being a docent was very enjoyable especially when I got to practise and train my public speaking skills. This experience helped me to be more outgoing and upfront with people. I learnt to communicate and articulate myself better.

Aakash Dubay

Secondary 3E3 2016


I feel that the docentship experience was very enriching as I not only got the opportunity to practise my public speaking skills, I also got to bond with my fellow art club members. It was quite an enjoyable experience as I got to meet people from other schools and interact with them. One of the challenges that I faced was that it was not easy to capture the attention of the student visitors as most of them wanted to explore the gallery on their own, so I felt that they were quite distracted when we were trying to engage with them. However, I am glad that there were a handful of student visitors that were attentive and receptive while the docents were presenting. This helped us to explain the artworks better.

Jessica Winarto

Secondary 3E3 2016


This docentship experience helped me to gain more confidence when speaking to an audience. It has helped me to project my voice. I was comfortable to present to student visitors, but when presenting to the principals from the other schools, it was quite intimidating. I look forward to all my shifts as it really helps me build my public speaking skills.

Jhdeson Ace Navas

Secondary 2N1 2016


During the docentship, I have learnt how to communicate properly with other students and teachers about various artworks. This exposure allowed me to be more comfortable in engaging with strangers and I find this interesting and fun at the same time when I talk about art.

Chiang Kheng Huan

Secondary 2N1 2016


From this docentship experience, I have learnt to guide visitors around and explain the works to them. I have also learnt various methods to keep the conversation interesting and engaging. Methods such as ‘see, think, wonder’. By hearing some of the other person’s response, I have also learnt more about how to interpret a particular artwork. There is also no right or wrong answer from their point of view. The overall experience was enjoyable and I will definitely do it again.

Ng Woon Ning

Secondary 2E1 2016


Taking part in this docentship was a great experience for me. It allows me to be more confident in speaking to an audience. I have also learnt the different skills in engaging in a conversation or discussion. It allows me to see many viewpoints of an artwork as well as the various meaning and intention of them. From this, it was a fun and great experience for me. It has helped me boost my confidence level and I hope that I will be able to take part in this again next year.

Charmaine Lim

Secondary 2E3 2016


I think that the docentship was a good opportunity for me to improve on my oratorical skills. As I had experienced as a docent in Sec 1 last year, I knew what to expect so I was not as nervous as last year. As the student visitors were interested in different works, it was difficult to get everyone’s attention and some of these visitors were also unresponsive. However, there were still some who were interested and were eager to ask and answer some of the questions that were posed to them. It was intriguing to hear what others had to say about different artworks. Overall, I enjoyed the experience a lot as I was able to improve my public speaking skills and I have also learnt to view things from another point of view.

Chen Hui Shan

Secondary 2E3 2016


From this experience, I have learnt how to speak well and be a good guide. At first, I was scared to speak to such large groups of people as I thought that they would be rude or mean. However, I was surprised when they turned out to be very nice. Even though, some of the groups were not particularly good audience, I learnt how to think on my own feet and answer some unexpected questions. I also managed to grow close to some of my docent seniors. At first, all of us were nervous, but in the end, we all became good friends. The experience was fun and interesting for me.

Ashley Yong

Secondary 1E3 2016


This is my first time being a docent. As a docent, it is important to share information about the artworks with the audience and to always know more than your audience. It is even more important to give your audience the opportunity and confidence to be able to approach and interpret the artwork on their own. I find the experience meaningful as it allows us to exchange ideas with other students given the short period of time. Throughout the docentship programme, I learnt about teamwork.

Evelyn Toh

Secondary 1E3 2016


During this experience, I learnt many new things. I learnt how to speak up in front of others and how to interact with them as well. I learnt to listen to their thoughts and opinions about the work. Other than that, I also learnt to be quick thinking – think on my feet. We cannot have people staring into blank space, hence, we have to try our very best to capture their interest by sharing my personal response and thoughts. I really like being a docent and I hope that I will have the opportunity to be one again next year.

Leong Xin Fang

Secondary 1E2 2016


During my duty as a docent, I felt very happy that I had the opportunity to bring student visitors around the gallery. Being a docent helps me to understand artworks better.

Julia Ng

Secondary 1N2 2016


Being a docent helped me gain experience and I learnt many new things. At first, I was scared and worried that I was not able to do it. The reason is because I am very shy and was afraid that I would make mistakes. However, my seniors were kind and helpful as they gave me some tips and practised with me. I felt more confident after a couple of practices. Whenever I could not continue with the presentation, the seniors would help me out. This experience helped me to gain confidence and have a better understanding of how to present and explain to an audience. I hope that I will have the opportunity to do this again next year.

Yu Qian Qian

Secondary 1E1 2016