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ZHSS Open Mic Feb/Mar 2019

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I practised very hard for the Open Mic together with my classmates, Randal and Linus. On the day of our performance, I felt nervous initially but it turned out to be a wonderful experience in the end. I was filled with gratitude for the overwhelming support received from the audience who cheered us on, as well as our friends and teachers who showered us with praises. This experience is a huge boost to my self-esteem and self-confidence, and has definitely helped me to embrace the Zhonghua culture as I embark on my secondary school journey. In the future, I will work towards performing with more poise and honing my presentation skills further.
Chia Ping Haw Pacific (1E3, 2019)

During the Open Mic, I felt very apprehensive at first but I began to enjoy myself as I immersed in the atmosphere. This was mostly because the audience was very supportive and responsive throughout our performance, topped off with roaring cheers from the crowd and wide smiles on our faces at the end of it. Being my third successful Open Mic at Zhonghua, I felt extremely happy and proud seeing how much our efforts had paid off. This experience has reiterated to me that hard work is intrinsically linked to the fruits of labour. This is an important principle that is applicable to many future circumstances, along the various stages in life within and beyond Zhonghua.
Ng Shern Tien Shawn (2E4, 2019)

Together with my friend Reesa, we bravely took up the stage to perform at the Open Mic. As it was my first time singing in front of a large group of audience, I was rather worried that my voice would not project clearly enough. However, our performance turned out unexpectedly well, as affirmed by the resounding applause from the audience. My heart was filled with such an uplifting sense of contentment knowing that our performance had been well-received. This experience has not only taught me to have greater confidence in myself, but it has also inspired me to take part in singing competitions when opportunities arise in the future.
Tan Yu An, Candy (3E2, 2019)