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Teachers in Charge:


Mrs Crystal Tan


 Ms Irnisah Aripin Irnisah_mohamad_aripin@schools.gov.sg

Mrs Ng Kiat Bee (Advisor)






Ms Deborah Hoon

Days of Training:


2.30pm to 5.30pm


Expressions Room


Student Leaders


President- Valerie Wong

Vice President 1-Muhammad Dinie B M J

Vice President 2-Ang Weilun

Secretary 1-Gurkiran Kaur

Secretary 2-Ting Ying Jie


Zhonghua’s English Drama Club is made up of 40 like-minded individuals who are brought together by their common passion for Drama.


Contrary to popular expectations, drama is so much more than a single performance on a stage. Beyond the comparatively short act that is presented, there lies countless hours of work, rehearsals, and practices. Everyone in the Drama Club pitches in to pull their weight and contribute both on stage and off stage for every performance that we take part in. As clichéd as it sounds, the journey matters so much more than the results. As a whole, the teachers and the students have all learnt resilience and built camaraderie through the tough times and the joyful experiences that we share.


We come together as a family to provide a memorable and fulfilling experience for all our members.


<Recent Achievements>


Participation in the Semi-Finals of the Human Values Drama Festival 2018