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Teachers in Charge:  
Ms Irnisah Binte Mohamad Aripin      Irnisah_mohamad_aripin@ schools.gov.sg
Ms Julian Loh                                                   loh_julian@schools.gov.sg
Mrs Ng Kiat Bee (Advisor)                       Lee_kiat_bee@schools.gov.sg  

Mr Danny Jow

Days of Training:
Monday 1530 - 1830

Expressions Room  

Student Leaders:
Executive Council Members
Chairperson: Loh Kai Jun (4E4)
Vice-Chairperson 1: Dexter Yeo (4E2)
Vice-Chairperson 2: Tay Wen Ze (3N2)
Vice-Chairperson 3: Chu Li Xuan (4E1)  
Secretary: Sim Hui Min (4N1)

Hero or Villain? The students get to decide in the Drama Club. Bound by our love of the arts, we are a motley crew of vibrant individuals keen on expressing ourselves on stage. In the Drama Club, we learn essential drama skills, vocal and physical expressions to convey emotions and techniques of production. We aim to develop the students not just in performance but holistically, building a well-rounded and confident individual.  

In 2019, the Drama Club took part in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, where they delivered a heart-rending performance about the strife between a father and his son. The journey to the competition was intense and our students emerged from the competition more confident of their abilities and more competent actors. The Drama Club is proud to be awarded with Accomplishment for their effort.