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Infocomm Club

Teachers in Charge:


Mr Ardy Taniwan


Mr Muhammad Yusuf Chia


Mr Calvin Heng


Mdm Infra Devi d/o K Velayuthan


Ms Koh Suat Hoon koh_suat_hoon@schools.gov.sg 

Mr Low Kee Ley (Advisor)




Mr Wong Kim Siong (Raspberry Pi)

Mr Andrew Wong Kuan Meng (Game design and programming)

Mr Matthew Chia Wei Sheng (Robotics)


AV Co-ordinator:

Ms Lim Woei Chin

Days of Training:

Monday & Wednesday

1530hr- 1800hr


Computer Lab 1 & STEM Room


Student Leaders


Chairperson: Jovan Choy Jiale (3E2)

Vice Chairpersons: Thia Yang Han (3E3) & Dalton Chng Cheng Hao (3E2)


Infocomm Club (ICC) moving into our 12th year since 2006:


Infocomm Club aims to broaden and deepen our members’ information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills, by imparting them with the latest 21st century ICT tools. This year in 2018, we continue the learning of videography, robotics programming and game development. Raspberry Pi and Drone programming are two elective learning modules that we introduced this year. ICC enthuses and empowers our members about Infocomm in a fun and meaningful hands-on journey by engaging them in Infocomm skills workshops and learning journeys. They also learn to cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities through school-based activities and national competitions. 



Besides applying their knowledge and skills in competitions and projects, ICC members support school events and activities as AV crew too. They are proficient in the operation of the Audio Visual equipment and are trained in events coordination and management skills.


Recent Highlights & Achievements

        2015 -  YouthchaNgE 3.0 Voice Up Challenge (Top 20)

        2015 - UNSW (Digital Technologies Test) Competition (4 Distinctions)

        2015 - Splash Awards 2015 (Merit Award)

        2015 - NIC Face-Off | App Development (2nd Runner-up)

        2015 - Singapore Game Creation Competition (Merit Award)

        2015 -  50 Years on, Remembering Our Everyday Pioneer Heroes - a Digital Story Inter-School competition [Collaboration with Library] (1st Runner Up)

        2016 - UNSW (Digital Technologies Test) Competition (3 Distinctions)

        2016 - Splash Awards (2 Merit Awards)

        2016 - Singapore Game Creation Competition (Merit and Commendation)

        2017 - UNSW ICAS (Digital Technologies Test) Competition (1 High Distinction & 1 Distinction)

        2018- First Lego League Singapore ( 1st Runner Up for Presentation Award)

        2018- First Lego League Singapore ( Champion for Strategy & Innovation Award)

        2018 - Singapore Game Creation Competition (3 Finalists TBC awards)

        2018- UNSW ICAS (Digital Technologies Test) Competition (2 Distinctions, 3 Credits & 2 Merits)