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Teachers in Charge:

Days of Training:



3.30pm - 5.00pm

3.30pm - 5.00pm

School Library, 3rd floor

Student Leaders:

Liau Li Fang Jeslyn 3E1 (Chairperson) 
Ng Shi Ying (Vice-Chairperson) 
Jocelyn Chng (Vice-Chairperson) Khloe Gui (Secretary)

Trained and guided by teacher librarians Mrs Crystal Tan and Ms Janice Tan, with assistance from Library Assistant Farah Musfirah, the student librarians learn the basic duties of book shelving, loaning and returning of books and promotion of reading activities vis-à-vis sharing of book recommendations and writing of book reviews. In addition, student librarians maintain a conducive and pleasant library environment for all to read in. To further ignite the appreciation of not only English as a first language, and the Mother Tongue languages, students are encouraged to participate in writing competitions and reading workshops by local writers. Teachers also inculcate the reading habit by sharing good reads from the latest novels with monthly reviews on the library board. Keeping its library resources abreast with the latest trends, the school regularly purchases new titles based on bestsellers and recommendations by teachers, students, the National Library Board, The Straits Times, Amazon, Book Repository and Barnes & Noble. 

This year, the CCA has participated in various book sharing sessions and the Tales of ‘S’ writing competition. We look forward to learning and growing as a family.