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Teachers in Charge:

Ms Teresa Lin lin_xianwan_teresa@schools.gov.sg
Ms Nurul Ain nurul_ain_sahat@schools.gov.sg
Ms Lum Shu Wei lum_shu_wei@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Preetha d/o Preklathan preetha_preklathan@schools.gov.sg


‘B’ and ‘C’ Division

Mr Andre Wong Hwee Liak

Days of Training:

‘B’ and ‘C’ Division

Monday, Wednesday


1530 - 1800


Indoor Sports Hall

Team Profile

‘B’ Division

Captain: Crystalbell Pang (4E2)

Vice Captain: Ong Jia Xin (3E1)

South Zone Basketball Championship 2018
This year, both our ‘B’ and ‘C’ division girls have worked hard and gave their best in the South Zone Basketball Championship 2018. They have displayed commendable effort and hard work during the process. With the goal of attaining championship in their mind, they endured the rigorous trainings and persevered through every match, regardless of the outcome. They encouraged each other in the team to spur on and overcame their obstacles and played fearlessly against the top schools. Their achievements are a result of their sheer determination, teachers’ relentless encouragement, school’s continuous support, and last but not least, coaches’ dedication and commitment.

2017 South Zone C Division – 2nd place
2017 South Zone B Division – 2nd place
2016 South Zone B Division – 2nd place
2015 South Zone C Division – 1st place