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Table Tennis (Boys)

Teachers in Charge:

CHONG WAI FUN chong_wai_fun@schools.gov.sg
CHALICE LIN lin_longjie_chalice@schools.gov.sg


C-Division (Boys)

Mr Chua Soon Hua

Days of Training:

C-Division (Boys)

Monday & Wednesday

3:00pm to 6:00pm

Upper Indoor Sports Hall

Team Profile

C-Division (Boys)

Captain: Justin Kwok (1N1)
Vice-Captain: Shaun Nathaniel Lim (1N1)

The Zhonghua Secondary School Table Tennis (Boys) is a new CCA which started in 2018. Currently we have 9 selected Secondary One players led by the Team Captain Justin Kwok and Vice Team Captain Shaun Nathaniel Lim, both from 1N1 under the guidance of Coach Chua Soon Hwa.

The ZHSS Table Tennis (Boys) Team focuses on developing sportsmen with resilience and discipline. Players undergo a rigorous and demanding training programme to stretch the limits of their physical, mental, and social abilities.

The team trains regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 pm to 6 pm. Our training sessions comprise a series of fitness, skill-related drills and set-play practices. The players strive to continuously improve themselves, not just as athletes, but also in terms of character such as taking Responsibility towards their learning, Integrity by being a sportsman, Care for teammates and the pursue of Excellence by giving their all to achieve the best results possible.

To most people, table tennis is just a sport. However, to ZHSS team, table tennis is not merely a sport – it’s an art. There is much more to this sport than Speed and Strength – it also requires Strategy and Willpower.

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