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Girls Brigade

Teachers in Charge:

Mrs Koh-Tan Siok Hoon (I/C) tan_siok_hoon_a@schools.gov.sg
Ms Chong Wai Fun chong_wai_fun@schools.gov.sg
Ms Tan Yee Ting tan_yee_ting@schools.gov.sg
Ms Ratiporn Tasanawinyou ratiporn_tasanawinyou@schools.gov.sg

VAL/Cadet Officers:
Madam Mandy Choo (Acting Captain)
Ms Serene Ang
Ms Nicole Choo
Ms Ng Gin Gin

Days of Training:


0800- 1200

Parade Square
Car Park

Student Leaders:

President: Neo Jing Ru (4N1)
Vice-president: Eunice Lim Shi Ting (4N1)
Squad Leaders:
Anja Subba (4E3)
Phyllis Choo Man Ning (4N2)
Teo Jia Hui (4T1)

‘Every Girl a Leader, Every Officer a Servant Leader.’  These words guide every girl in the 48th Company Girls’ Brigade in Zhonghua Secondary School to serve to their fullest potential.  Apart from grooming leadership, girls are imbued with good moral values through involvement in various service learning activities and sharing of personal experiences.

One highlight in 2019 was the Dr Low Guat Tin (LGT) Challenge which the girls have participated in.  It was tedious, with much planning and dedication to complete the activity through the course of several months.  It was an eye opener as the competition required girls to learn and employ computer coding skills to craft an application to benefit the wider community.  The girls learnt values which include team building, resilience and patience, cultivating their leadership skills as well when the seniors had to guide the juniors within the team. 

In the Girls’ Brigade, we are all like a big family.  There are very close relationships forged between girls across different levels, with the Officers and Helpers, and also the Teachers.  This camaraderie has allowed the girls to learn from one another, inspire their peers and work effectively together.  Girls are given various opportunities to hone their skills through planning of games, heading committees and also planning of weekly Parade activities.  Annual camps also bring students outside of their comfort zone to experience dragon boating and  a campfire night.

In 2019, the Company has once again received the Company Gold Award, a testament of the girls, Officers and Helpers, and Teachers’ hard work in striving for excellence.