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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Boards @ ZHSS

The Student Leadership Committee is led by Ms Tan Chye I (HOD Student Leadership)  and advised by Mrs Lim-Neo Lay Pin (VP Student Development).

The Student Leadership Committee is supported by the following student leadership boards:

(A)       Student Council
Teacher Mentors: Ms Ong Lay Hong(I/C)
Ms Tan Chye I
Ms Sitinur Azreen Halil
Ms Virginia Koek Shin

  • Looks into the welfare of the general student body
  • Assists in student discipline
  • Support school-wide events
  • Plans and organises certain key school events (e.g. Teachers’ Day)
  • Key ambassadors of the school

(B)       Monitor Board
Teacher Mentors Ms Nadia Zhong (I/C)
Mr Chan Jun Hao
Mr Joshua Foo
Ms Subathra (CCE-related matters)
  • Looks into all class matters
  • Manages & leads class committee
  • Drives CCE programmes through CCE Monitor
  • Involved in School Improvement Projects & Student I.C.E. Suggestions
  • Support school-wide events that require additional support (e.g. School Open House, Parents’ Forum)

(C)       Sports Leaders Board
Teacher Mentors Mr David Wong (I/C)
Ms Teresa Lin

  • Looks into all sports-related matters
  • Assists in sports-related programmes (daily duties, e.g. FAC training, NAPFA testing, Recreational Day)
  • Plans and organises Sports Carnival
  • Support school-wide events that require additional support (e.g. School Open House, Parents’ Forum)

(D)       Board of CCA Leaders
Teacher Mentors: Ms Teresa Lin (I/C)
Ms Tan Chye I

  • Formalised in July 2014 after the inaugural Student Leaders’ Investiture, with the intention to build a culture of collaboration with other CCA Leaders and promote cross-CCA understanding so as to build school spirit
  • Looks into management of own CCA and CCA-related matters
  • Plans and organises CCA-related key school events (e.g. CCA Open House, CCA Appreciation Day)
  • Support school-wide events that require additional support (e.g. School Open House, Parents’ Forum)

Student Leadership Key Events

1) Monitor Appointment Ceremony (for Sec 1 – 5 Class Monitors)
Zhonghua Secondary School always strives to give every student an opportunity to be a leader and our vision is for all Zhonghuarians to be dynamic and resilient leaders in their own right. With our core values – Responsibility, Integrity, Care and Excellence – and our school motto - 礼 义 廉 耻 - in mind, we aim to nurture forward-looking leaders with integrity and commitment to serve the school, the community and the nation. The Monitor Board is one avenue for our students to be trained as leaders and also to showcase their leadership potential.

monitor board 1.jpg
monitor board 2.jpg
The appointment ceremonies were held at cohort level in Term 1 to appoint and formally recognise Monitors. The ceremony was conducted by the Monitor Board EXCO, who also served as emcees to introduce the monitors to their respective cohorts.

2) Sports Leaders Camp (for Sec 2 – 5 Sports Leaders & Sports Athletes)
Sports Camp 2016.jpg
The objective of the sports camp was to foster esprit de corps and camaraderie amongst sports leaders and sports CCA members. In addition, it was also an opportunity for Sec 4 & 5 to impart their experience to the Sec 1 to 3 sports leaders and athletes. 

3) Student Council March Induction Camp (for Sec 1 – 5 Student Councillors)
student council 1.jpg
Student Council Induction Camp is held every year in March to induct Sec 1 – 3 probation councillors and to promote team spirit and bonding amongst the student councillors. The camp is organised by the Sec 3 councillors mentored by the EXCO members from Sec 4. It is a good opportunity for the Sec 3s to build on their leadership skills as they prepare to take over duties from their seniors. 

4) Monitor Intermediate Training (for Sec 1 – 3 Class Monitors)
monitor board 3.jpg
Every year, monitors will embark on a meaningful enrichment activity where they learn the importance of empathy, a critical skill for leaders. They will experience it first-hand by participating in the programme Dialogue in the Dark which seeks to raise awareness about the visually impaired in Singapore. In addition, they will also be trained as Peer Support leaders to promote a culture of care and inclusivity in the classroom. 

5) Cohort Leadership Training (for all Sec 1 – 3 students)
Cohort Leadership Training 2016.jpg
All Secondary 1 to 3 students attend Cohort Leadership Training which trains students in cohort-specific skills and leadership attributes. Within the leadership tiers, students are given customised training and challenges. In stretching themselves to succeed and overcome challenges, they will expand their capabilities.

6) Student Leaders’ Investiture
student leaders 1.jpg
The Student Leaders’ Investiture is a platform to recognise all our student leaders holding various student leadership appointments across the school, and to affirm their commitment to leading the student body. The inclusion of all student leaders is in alignment to our school vision of “Scholars o Leaders” in broadening our student leadership base.