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Programmes and Events in 2015


Since late 2014, some of the students in the Zhonghua Talent Management Programme (TMP) started preparing for this year’s Singapore Mathematics Project Festival organised by the Singapore Mathematical Society. They were selected for the Preliminary Rounds held at the National University of Singapore (NUS) on 14 February, pitting themselves against representatives for NUS High School, Nanyang Girls’ High School and Raffles Girls’ School. You may click on the links below to see their reflections.

Leong Jun Kai (2E4’15) and Voon Shu Ting (2E4’15)

By Sean Hoh (2E4’15) and Gladys Tan (2E4’15)

The Sec 2 TMP students took part in a workshop at the NUS High School during the March Holidays to learn about the different blood groups. They learnt about what is in blood, and what components make up the different blood groups such as the A, B, Rh antigens or the A, B, Rh antibodies present in different types of blood. In addition, they learnt about the Landsteiner’s discovery of blood groups and how it has helped to save many people’s life when blood transfusion is needed. Through the hands-on activities, students reflected that the workshop has increased their interest in Biology. This workshop also provides extra knowledge for the TMP students as they have learnt about the human circulatory system not too long ago.

  • Sec 3 TMP students attended the GTA annual conference on the 28 March. The theme of the conference was on Natural Hazards. The students were supposed to find out more about the different types of natural hazards, especially in the Asian region. It is also unfortunate that the Nepal earthquake happened at the same time, which provided a good learning opportunity for the students to study such phenomenon. The students research on the key question on “Can natural hazards be scientifically explained only? Or are there non-scientific explanations in certain societies that justify their existence?” This seminar enhances their understanding about natural hazards and deepens their knowledge in the subject Geography.

In March 2015, the Sec 2 TMP students went through a workshop put together by the HOD/Humanities and SH/CCE (LS) on thinking skills and oral presentation skills. They learnt about Edward De Bono six thinking hats, and to apply the 6 thinking hats approach to facilitate more meaningful and productive discussions. They also learnt about the feature of presentation skills including items like body language and engaging the audience. The 3 Ps of effective communication was also shared with the students. The TMP students walked away with better confidence in handling presentations and research skills, which would help them greatly in the competitions and programmes in future.

Competition participated by TMP students in 2015
Students in TMP are also given opportunities to be mentored and given specialised training for competitions. The key competitions participated include:

  • Singapore Mathematics Project Festival (SMPF)
  • Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (SMO)
  • American Mathematics Competition (AMC)
  • Singapore Mathematic Kangaroo Contest
  • CHAOS - Creative and Heuristics Application of Science Competition
  • C.B Paul Science Competition
  • Singapore National Stamp Collecting Competition
  • Hwa Chong International United Nations School Model (HMUN)
  • C.B Paul Science Competition