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Term 3 Common Test 2020
Term 3 Common Test 2020 Timetable
Home-based learning from T3W1 to T3W4
Enhanced Precautionary Measures for Term 2
Dear Parents, You were earlier informed that in order to better protect our schools, MOE will implement additional precautionary measures ...
To Parents/Guardians: Schools will re-open for Term 2 on 23 March (Monday) as planned ...
MOE: Schools to remain open with additional precautionary measures for 2019-nCoV


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Open Mic (Feb 2020)

Through my very first Open Mic experience, I have learnt to appreciate music even more as I conscientiously took note to express the emotions and meaning behind the performance piece. To me, music communicates these deeper layers, instead of ...

Total Defence Day 2020

Murmurs arise within the classrooms about the latest news on the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, almost indistinguishable from the candid conversations that typically fill such classrooms in the mornings. I usually arrive in school ...

Lanya Internationalisation Programme 2019

Being a part of the internationalisation programme at Lanya Junior High School was certainly an eye-opening experience for me ...

Longmen Internationalisation Programme 2019

During the trip to Taiwan, there were many interesting experiences ...

Ningbo Internationalisation Programme 2019

In the school in Ningbo, I observed that the Chinese students would take initiative ...


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