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MOE: Schools to remain open with additional precautionary measures for 2019-nCoV
Additional Precautionary Measures Against the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Infection
Dear Parents, To further enhance protection of our students and staff ...
Message to all parents
Dear parents, please access the Parents Gateway application on your mobile phones for more information on measures taken by the school to provide a safe and healthy environment ...
Message from Principal
Dear Zhonghuarians, Hope you've spent some quality time with your family and loved ones this long weekend...
2020 Term 1 Common Test Timetable


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Lanya Internationalisation Programme 2019

Being a part of the internationalisation programme at Lanya Junior High School was certainly an eye-opening experience for me ...

Longmen Internationalisation Programme 2019

During the trip to Taiwan, there were many interesting experiences ...

Ningbo Internationalisation Programme 2019

In the school in Ningbo, I observed that the Chinese students would take initiative ...

NCC International Cadets Exchange Programme 2019

This trip has truly been a very memorable experience for me. During this journey, I was able to participate in many ...

Zone 5 Inter-Corps First Aid and Home Nursing Competition 2019

The Zonal First Aid Competition (FAC) was a rewarding experience for me. I have learnt to lead my teammates better through FAC... 


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