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2021 4E 4N 5N Prelim Timetable
2021 Sec 4N/4T Prelim Exam & Sec 1-3 Term 3 Common Test Time Tables
HBL for Sec 1 and 2 from 28 to 30 Jun
2021 Sec 2 & Sec 4/5 Mid-Year Examinations Timetables
Nominations for Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2021
Nominations for Inpiring Teacher of English Award 2021 is open! Nomination form for the Teaching Award can be downloaded from All students and parents, and teachers are inviated to send in nominations for the Teaching Award. Please email the completed form to with the subject heading "ITEA Nomination" by 6pm on Monday 29 Mar 2021.


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Zhonghua Secondary School e-Open House 2020
STEAM Research and Programme Festival 2020

The beginning of the STEAM Research Programme was a crucial instance, as my team of three had to choose our end goal for the project ...

Open Mic (Feb 2020)

Through my very first Open Mic experience, I have learnt to appreciate music even more as I conscientiously took note to express the emotions and meaning behind the performance piece. To me, music communicates these deeper layers, instead of ...

Total Defence Day 2020

Murmurs arise within the classrooms about the latest news on the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, almost indistinguishable from the candid conversations that typically fill such classrooms in the mornings. I usually arrive in school ...

Lanya Internationalisation Programme 2019

Being a part of the internationalisation programme at Lanya Junior High School was certainly an eye-opening experience for me ...


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