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Principal's Message

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Principal's Message for 2023

 The past three years have been challenging for everyone with COVID-19 in the backdrop, but they have also provided many opportunities for reflection, innovation and growth. 2022 brought much excitement and fulfilment as we were able to gradually resume many of the programmes and activities for the students, and I am confident that with our ability to remain nimble and manage new challenges that come our way, 2023 will be another year of rich learning.


We remain committed to our school vision of nurturing Scholars and Leaders who are able to navigate the future confidently. The developments in recent years such as COVID-19 and the war between Russia and Ukraine remind us that the world is changing more quickly than ever. Our young people are facing and will face challenges very different from yesteryears. It is more important now than ever that we develop future-ready individuals who are anchored in values and driven to do good for the society and the world.


It is with our school vision in mind that we have been seeking to improve many areas in the school – not just in our students’ academic learning but also their holistic school experience. We emphasise character education in all that we do. We continue to be guided by our school motto [礼义廉耻] – Courteous in Conduct; Righteous in Principle; Edified in Character; and Dignified in Reflection. In line with our focus on building an inclusive school and student character, students and staff voted for re-naming the classes according to our school values of Resilience, Integrity, Care and Excellence. We hope that Zhonghuarians will live out the school motto and values, both during their time with the school and when they move on to greater roles and challenges in life.


We empower our students to take greater ownership of their learning, so that they gain competence and confidence to learn how to learn, not just when they are in school but throughout their lives. We also strive to fully harness the affordances of technology to nurture our students to become self-directed and collaborative learners, during the pandemic and beyond. We will continue to provide our students with a Student-centric and Future-ready Curriculum that comprises quality programmes designed to provide customised and meaningful learning experiences. From 2022, Zhonghua introduced Blended Learning and fortnightly home-based learning days so that our students are able to learn more independently and at their own pace. Our students explore a range of interests outside of the curriculum through fortnightly Student-initiated Learning. Students celebrate their learning as a community, and through sharing what they have learnt with their peers, they develop their passion in learning and positively influence their peers to do the same. With blended learning as a regular feature of schooling, we are confident that Zhonghuarians will continue to demonstrate a positive learning attitude, discipline and responsibility in their learning regardless of the mode.


In 2023, Zhonghua will be implementing Full Subject-based Banding (SBB) starting from our Secondary One cohort. The Secondary One students from different courses will come together in mixed form classes where they can interact with peers of different interests and strengths. Students will offer Common Curriculum Subjects such as Art, Character and Citizenship Education, Design and Technology, Food and Consumer Education, Music and Physical Education in their mixed form classes. Other subjects such as English Language, Mathematics, Mother Tongue Languages, the Sciences and Humanities are offered at levels according to students’ readiness and pace of learning. Full SBB is part of the broader shift in our education system to recognise our students’ varied strengths and interests, to help them build their confidence and to develop their intrinsic motivation to learn for life. As we embark on the Full SBB journey, we are confident that we will be able to better cater to our students’ learning needs, strengths and interests.


The past few years may have brought different challenges, but the Zhonghua community has stood united in overcoming these challenges. I thank my colleagues who are ever steadfast in their commitment as educators and who strive to bring out the best in every child. Our gratitude goes to our stakeholders for their unwavering support, especially the School Advisory Committee, the alumni, the parents and the community partners, as we nurture our students to be Scholars and Leaders.


May 2023 be a year of learning and growth for all of us! Wishing all good health, joy and fulfilment.


Ms Cindy Low






我们鼓励学生自主学习,以提高个人的能力和信心,这样即使他们离开了校园,也会继续终身学习。我们也致力于在日常学习中运用科技手段来培养学生成为自主、能与人协作的学习者。我们会继续提供“以学生为主导,为未来做准备”的优质课程,为学生量身定制有意义的学习活动与体验。从2022年开始,中华采用混合式学习模式,实施每两周一次的居家学习日,让学生能根据自己的进度自主地学习。我们的学生也通过每两周一次的 “学生自发学习” 探索自己在课程以外的兴趣。随着混合式学习成为常态,我们坚信中华的学生在此种模式下,依然会保持良好的学习态度、自律与责任心。



       祝愿大家在2023 年身体健康, 幸福快乐!