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Principal's Message

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Principal's Message for 2021

2021 marks the 110th anniversary for Zhonghua Secondary School. We have much to be proud of and thankful for as we celebrate this special occasion as a Zhonghua family.   

As one of the oldest schools in Singapore, Zhonghua’s history is closely inter-twined with that of Singapore. Like Singapore, our history is a story of hope and resilience in the face of change and challenges. Over the many decades, we continue our unwavering belief in providing quality education and opportunities that would empower young people to make good decisions for themselves and the society. We are proud to have nurtured generations of Scholars and Leaders who give back to the community and society in their own ways. Through dedication and relentless effort, the school continues to grow from strength to strength. Zhonghua’s achievements are the fruits of the perseverance and hard work of our past and present School Leaders, School Advisory Committee members, staff, alumni, parents and students. 

As 2021 beckons, we look back on 2020 with gratitude. 2020 was an unprecedented year, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting many aspects of our lives. We took on the challenges as a school community. Despite the disruptions, we gained much as we embraced new learning and supported one another. Our staff and teachers demonstrated commitment and adaptability as they innovated and collaborated in order to provide meaningful and continued learning for our students. Our Zhonghuarians showed discipline and perseverance as they adapted to the many changes that were made in order to keep them safe and help them to learn well. Throughout these trying times, the strong sense of community and culture of care among the members of the Zhonghua family was palpable. For all these and more, we are thankful. 

We also look forward to the new year with excitement. With the nation and world battling the COVID-19 crisis, 2021 will not be without challenges, but it will also bring new possibilities and opportunities. What we make of the year ultimately depends on our ability to see hope and find meaning in the things we do. The rich learning for staff and students in 2020 had given us new insights in envisioning what the future of education may look like. We will continue to refine our programmes and re-design learning experiences for our students to that they are able to develop critical competencies that will serve them well in school, at the workplace and as they learn for life. In preparing our students for a future of unlimited opportunities and new challenges, we will continue to provide them with a well-rounded education that not only develops their interests in both academic and broader areas of endeavour, but also strengthens their character. In doing so, we hope that Zhonghuarians will truly live up to our school’s vision as Scholars • Leaders  [博学领袖]. 

As we celebrate 110 years of heritage and excellence in the midst of an on-going pandemic, what we had achieved in 2020 affirms our purpose and commitment, and serves as a reminder to the Zhonghua family that we will be able to overcome any challenge so long as we stand united as one and move forward with hope and resilience. But more importantly, beyond a celebration of an anniversary, we celebrate our heritage, our people, and our aspirations for Zhonghua and Zhonghuarians.

Wishing all a healthy and happy 2021!


Ms Cindy Low






 在超过一个世纪的发展历程中,中华积累了丰厚的文化遗产,也取得了卓越的成就。我们在2020年的优异表现又一次肯定了我们的决心与付出。在欢庆110周年的当儿,希望大家谨记,冠病疫情仍然存在,而只有团结一致,我们才能克服困难,满怀希望并坚韧不拔地迈步前进。我们对中华深厚的历史与文化底蕴感到自豪,珍惜和感恩一代代人的呵护与支持。我们将努力不懈,以实现所定下的愿景。 祝愿大家2021 身体健康, 幸福快乐!