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Principal's Message

Principal's Message 2019

Principal’s Message 2019   2019 marks another fulfilling start for us as we make our school vision “Scholars • Leaders” [博学•领袖] a reality, through the dedication and passion of our staff and the support of our partners in education. The delivery of ZH education is guided by our school mission and time-tested motto [礼 义 廉 耻].  

New beginnings and new resolutions are synonymous with every new academic year. In today’s digital era with shifting values, it is pertinent for us to develop a high sense of humility and resilience to embrace it well, in order to “flourish” in our personal and student lives. Mental resilience helps us to accept what is beyond our control, and work around it. When life gives us lemons, we make lemonade.  

Student-centric and Future-ready Curriculum  

Riding on the national push for a smart city, we are constantly re-framing our future-ready Signature Programmes. This year, we introduce our new in-house Data Literacy Module --- developed by a group of our passionate teachers. In addition, several staff have also come forward to mentor selected students for the 2020 STEAM Research initiative. Correspondingly, we have upgraded and added new facilities such as the STEM Corridor, Design Studio and the Music Feature Wall.  

We have also forged sustainable overseas partnerships with top-ranked foreign schools through the Trips-for-Internationalization-Experience (TIE) Programme. This aimed to provide our students with more opportunities to deepen their cultural quotient (CQ, 文化商数).  Some of the places that our students have been include Ningbo (China), Taipei (Taiwan), Chiangmai (Thailand), Penang (Malaysia) and Hong Kong.  

Engaging Supportive Parents and Key Partners  

Personally, I am heartened to have met and heard many parents express their appreciation of our teachers and educators.  Similarly, I am grateful for the many parents who volunteer at our school through the Parents Support Group (PSG).  In this partnership, we ask that there be faith and trust placed in our commitment and integrity to deliver quality outcomes. In recent years, several active members of the PSG came forward to offer their expertise to enrich our curriculum. Mr Ng Teow Koon (President/Asia-Pacific, Side Effects) volunteered his services in the field of virtual reality and animation while Ms Serene Lau (Senior Legal Counsel, Corteva) had arranged for learning journeys to those cutting-edge agri-science facilities.

We must also acknowledge the two other key pillars in our Zhonghua community. Our School Advisory Committee (SAC) forms the first pillar. Many members of the SAC have stayed with us for many years. Together with the Zhonghua Alumni, the second pillar, they have generously sponsored numerous school projects, awards, bursaries and scholarships. Several alumni were instrumental in the successful filming of the Bicentennial video, entitled the “People of Zhonghua” (中华历程) with financial sponsorship from the National Heritage Board. Professor Desmond Chong, an bio-engineering lecturer, spoke fondly of his school days in the video.  Dr Noorhazlina, a senior medical consultant, also shared about her life-changing moments in school.     

Since 2014, we have introduced the Distinguished Speakers Series (杰出的演讲者系列) where we invite key partners to deliver motivational lectures and offer career guidance. In the last 5 years, our Alumni speakers included Ms Jean Foo (accomplished NAC music scholar), Mr Larry Peh (President’s Designer Awardee), Mr Royston Tan (a renowned local film-maker), Ivan Chang (SMU Serial Entrepreneur) and Mr Aniq Ahsan (A*STAR Oxford-trained scholar). These platforms have also allowed us to build ties and strengthen the relationship between our present student population and the Alumni.

Enhancing Character and Citizenship Education

In Zhonghua, we believe in values-based education. We are guided by the time-tested motto [礼 义 廉  耻]. For the year 2019, we adopted “义” as our theme. [论语有提到: 乐善好, 见必为, 义: 可全人之德]. We go for simple doable acts of graciousness in our daily life (日行一善). It starts with me. In doing the right thing, the key is to keep company only with people who uplift you. Collectively, over the years, we curated and published our very own values-based stories (Empowering Stories Series 2015-2018) for deeper reflection.  

Research has indicated that practising gratitude increases happiness, life satisfaction and strengthens relationships. Thus, we started our gratitude-in-action (GIA) movement (饮水思源, 感恩图报) alongside the Positive Education initiatives. We need to deepen our sense of gratitude, beyond merely feeling grateful. We also need to express this in action with humility, and do so intentionally, authentically and consistently.  

Appreciating the Past and Anticipating the Future  

As we evolve and grow with the times, the school remains committed to preserving our positive school culture and leveraging our strengths to bring out ‘Culture in Modernity’ in the rich fabric of our Zhonghua community. Zhonghuarians are anchored with an appreciation of our school spirit, tradition, social and moral mores in this rapidly changing modern landscape [温故知新,展望未来].  Our educators, being skillful and mindful teachers, are reflective practitioners who are committed to honing their craft and passionate about developing the emotive and cultural sensitivities of Zhonghuarians to transcend present-day functionality and utilitarianism.   

Thoughts lead to emotions, emotions lead to attitudes and attitudes lead to actions. Action is the final thing that counts. All these repetitive patterns lead to habits and character traits.  It is through strength of character [育品德, 创前程] and personal mastery [自强不息] that a student can progress with confidence and optimism.  

Former USA President John F Kennedy once said, “Of those to whom much is given, much is required”, and I concur. Life must be lived forward. However, it must also be experienced backward. While pursuing excellence is a personal priority, it is equally important to care about the society at large and cultivate a sense of fulfilment in paying it forward.

In conclusion, the school’s many achievements would not have been possible without the sterling dedication of the entire staff, key school partners and supportive parents. The root of education is bitter but the fruit is sweet. Let us undertake the next lap of our journey together, with commitment and conviction!  

Student-centric, Staff-valued ZH Community!

Loh Leong Beng
Principal Zhonghua Secondary School    


时代会变,校长、老师以及学生也会变。但不会变的是先辈们所传承下来的传统价值观。让我们 以中华的百年校训---“礼义廉耻”为根; 核心价值观 ---“尽责、正直、关爱、卓越”为本,继续让中华在未来培育更多博学多才的领袖。经历2015年校外评估团的全面评估后,中华中学将保留自治学校 (Autonomous School Status) 的地位6年。我们也蝉联学校优异奖 (School Distinction Awards),并囊获所有五项最佳治校奖 (All five Best Practices)。2017年,学校也获颁新加坡素质奖 (Singapore Quality Class) 和人力资源发展标准 (People Developer Standard)。这些殊荣再度肯定了学校的办校方针。  



提升家长及合作伙伴的关系许多家长热心地加入家长支援会(PSG),积极参与学校的活动。学校咨询委员会(SAC)和校友会(Alumni Association),也一直资助学校的活动,救济贫寒学生和提供奖学金。自2014年推出杰出演讲者系列演讲活动以来,已有多位校友及家长为学生分享他们的成功经验和心得。我衷心感谢他们对学校的信任和支持。  


现今世界复杂多变,我们必须加强学生的品格与公民教育(CCE),灌输学生正确的价值观,从而塑造学生的优良品德,让他们成为有自信,积极学习及文明关爱的公民。为推动这项工作,我校成立学生发展部门,由年级主任和CCE骨干人员统筹公民教育、社会情绪学习、良好关系的建立、学生领袖训练、网络健康和公民与道德教育。懂得感恩是快乐的泉源,因此我们也十分重视感恩教育。谨记滴水之恩, 涌泉以报的美德.  我们鼓励他们将感激之情通过具体行动表达出来。  



今天的中华能够有这么卓越的成就,少不了具有献身精神的学校先锋, 教职员,伙伴以及家长们的努力及支持。让我们一起携手合作,共创中华美好的未来!