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Principal's Message 2020

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Principal's Message 2020

Zhonghua Secondary School has come a long way since its beginnings in 1911. From the time of its founding, the school has recognized the importance of staying relevant and adapted according to the needs of the nation, the community and the students. Under the fine stewardship of Principal Mr Loh Leong Beng, the school has flourished as he led the staff and partnered our stakeholders in providing the students with rich and varied learning experiences that nurture them as “Scholars • Leaders”   [博学 • 领袖] who live by our time-tested motto [礼 义 廉 耻]. We thank Mr Loh for modelling the way in servant leadership and wish him all the best in his retirement!

As a new member of ZHSS, it is my privilege to work alongside the staff and stakeholders as we strive for continuous growth and innovation, and help our students to prepare themselves well for the future. In the last few months, I have had opportunities to interact with the students, staff, parents, and the members of the School Advisory Committee and the Alumni Association. It is evident that there is a strong sense of community and culture of care among the members of the Zhonghua family, and I am deeply touched by the warmth and generosity extended to me. In both words and actions, the staff and students embody the values that ZHSS espouses, and this attests to the strong heritage, school culture and values that others have come to know the school for.

Education in ZHSS has always been guided by our school vision, mission and motto. Moving forward, our focus will continue to be on holistic education for our students with a strong emphasis on character development. The future may be uncertain but it need not cause us anxiety; instead it should evoke excitement as it promises endless possibilities and hope. This is why in ZHSS, we believe in developing in our students the confidence and competencies to not only manage the challenges but more importantly, also leverage the opportunities that the future offers. Our Student-Centric and Future-Ready Curriculum and Signature Programmes, categorized into three broad areas of Science and Technology Education, Glocal Perspectives Education, and Environmental and Sustainability Education, are designed to engage our students actively and meaningfully in their learning. Through these, they develop critical competencies that will serve them well in school, at the workplace and as they learn for life.  

The competencies that our students develop in school enable them to navigate the future; the values that they are anchored on guide them in making good decisions for themselves, and their family, community and nation. In ZHSS, we pay close attention to developing our students’ character and inculcating in them strong values. Having focused on “礼” (Courteous) and “义” (Righteous) in 2018 and 2019 respectively, 2020’s theme will be “廉” (Edified): 方正廉洁. It is a reminder to us that one must have integrity in one’s endeavours, be consistent in words and action, be fair and impartial, and be truthful to self and others.   

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. We are grateful to have a strong community of staff, parents, School Advisory Committee (SAC), Alumni and partners – both past and present – who support the school’s efforts in developing our students. Our teachers and support staff are dedicated and passionate in nurturing our students. The parents are supportive, and in particular, the members of our Parent Support Group (PSG) tirelessly partner the school in various programmes and activities. Our SAC and Alumni are generous in providing their expertise and resource support in improving the learning environment and enhancing the school experience for our students. In addition, our community and educational partners provide additional valuable learning experiences for our students. Together, we will provide our students with a caring and supportive environment where they can experience the joy of learning, thrive and succeed. 

May 2020 be a joyful and fulfilling year for all of us!

Ms Cindy Low