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Rules & Regulations


  • Students must be punctual for school.
  • Music will be played at 0715 hrs as a signal for students to make their way to the assembly area.
  • All classes must be at the assembly area at 0725 hrs for attendance taking.
  • At 0730 hrs, the school gate will be closed for the start of the flag raising ceremony.
  • Students who failed to enter the school by 0730hrs will be considered as late
  • Latecomers will have to serve detention after school until 4.30 pm.


  • Students have the responsibility to ensure that they scan their thumbprint at the biometric stations located at the entrances of the school when they enter and leave the school premises.
  • Students must produce a valid MC if they are absent; otherwise it will be treated as a truancy case.
  • Students must be present on all school days.
  • Students are not allowed to go on overseas trip during school term.
  • Students who need to go overseas (with valid reasons) on school days are required to obtain permission from the school.
  • Students who skipped school, class, CCA, SSP would be deemed as playing truant.

Detention Class

  • Detention has to be cleared on the same day of offence (e.g. late-coming).
  • Detention classes have priority over all other activities (e.g. remedial, CCA etc.) except for enrichment activities using external agencies and tests where students will have to return to class for the enrichment or test.
  • Students who do not serve their detention will have to serve 2 days detention in lieu.
  • Students who fail to turn up again will be subject to suspension / CWO / caning.

Preparation for Lesson

  • Students have the responsibility to ensure that they are prepared for lessons which includes finishing all homework and project on time.
  • It is important that students take their work seriously and hand in work of high quality.
  • It is also important that students have the necessary books, notes and stationeries so that proper learning can take place without distraction of other learners.

School Books and Belongings

  • No books or other personal belongings are to be left in the classroom except those approved by the form teacher and subject teachers.
  • Students must be responsible for their own wallets/purses, watches, and schoolbags, and other belongings.
  • Students are not to leave their valuables in the classroom.
  • If a clean set of uniform is needed, students can get it from the General Office. After washing and ironing, students are to return it to the General Office as soon as possible.

Permission to leave Classroom

  • Students must ask for permission from the teacher if they really need to leave the class.
  • The teacher will give the student a Movement Pass which must be worn round their necks.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against students caught without the Movement Pass.

Filing of Assignments/Tests

  • All tests and assignments must be filed.
  • Students are to let their parents sign on their test papers and files so that their parents can monitor their academic progress.

Vandalism/Damaging School Property

  • All students are to pay for the property/items they break or vandalize. Examples are computers, laboratory apparatus, defaced table tops etc.
  • They will also be subject to disciplinary action, e.g. CWO.

Marking of Attendance

  • To ensure that all students attend lessons, the attendance of the class will be updated every period on the whiteboard by the monitor.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against those students playing truant during the various periods.

School Campaigns

  • All students must participate actively in all school campaigns.
  • Winning classes will be given class points.

Teacher-Student Communication

  • Students can provide feedback to their teachers anytime.
  • However, some students may want to provide feedback through the Suggestion Box, Communication Board, etc.
  • Name and class must be included for submitted feedback to be taken into consideration.

Library Media Resource Centre

  • Students can have access to the latest computer technology in the LMC. Please see the librarian to book the time slot and to loan the software.

After Exams

  • Normal lessons will resume after exams.
  • Post-exam activities may be conducted.
  • Students must come to school for their lessons/ post-exam activities.

Religious artifacts

  • Religious artifacts can be worn provided they cannot be seen from the outside. If they need to be visible, parents must inform the school personally.


  • No jewellery should be worn by male students. Female students can wear only one pair of identical earrings of simple design on the earlobes.

Usage of Mobile Phones

The school understands the importance of the mobile phone in this current time and thus allows students to bring their mobile phones to school. We are however more concerned with the responsible use of the mobile phones and thus restrict the time and location where the mobile phone could be used. Mobile phone usage is not allowed in the classroom block as it would cause distraction and disruption to the smooth flow of the lessons.


0600 hrs to 1240hrs

1240 hrs to 1340hrs

1340 hrs to 1900 hrs

Monday to Thursday

Mobile phones to be switched off totally.

Not to be seen or heard

Can be switched on to silent or vibration mode and used in canteen only.


Mobile phones to be switched off totally.

Not to be seen or heard

Can be switched on to silent or vibration mode and used in canteen only.


Can be switched on to silent or vibration mode and used in canteen only.

If students are supposed to be attending CCA, they have to ask teacher-in-charge for permission to use mobile phone.