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Vision, Mission, Values


Scholars o Leaders

博学  领袖

Learned, enlightened and discerning. Zhonghuarians will be highly regarded for their contributions across disciplines ranging from science and technology to the languages and the arts. They will strive for excellence in every endeavour and will be noted for their wisdom and competence. Dignified and edified, and with enhanced social-emotional competencies, they will be confident remarkable leaders in specific field of specialisation who bring people together and evoke pride in being part of the team. Resourceful and forward-looking, they inspire and energise others to create new knowledge and break new frontiers.


Nurturing Zhonghuarians to be passionate learners in pursuit of excellence; dynamic and resilient leaders with a passion for innovation; cultured and caring citizens with a global outlook.

Our provision of an all-round development will nurture Zhonghuarians to be

  • passionate learners who are independent, enthusiastic and responsible for their own learning, zealous in their quest for knowledge and its applications, and give of their best in whatever they do
  • dynamic and resilient leaders of integrity who are innovative thinkers and solution providers with the fortitude to persevere and succeed.
  • cultured and caring citizens who are respectful and righteous, culturally savvy, aesthetically attuned, physically active, socially engaging and who will contribute actively to the community and care for the environment.

Values & Motto

School Values

Responsibility         尽责

Integrity                  正直

Care                        关爱

Excellence             卓越

School Motto

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