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 School Distinction Award (2015 - 2020)

The SDA recognises high-achieving schools with exemplary school processes and practices. Schools that achieve SDA have put in place well-defined processes that lead to sustained achievement in student outcomes.

Singapore Quality Class (2015 - 2020)

People Developer (2015 - 2020)


 Best Practice (2015 -2020)



Teaching & Learning

 Student All-Around Development

Staff Well-Being and Development

Character and Citizenship Education


The Best Practice recognises a school for its effective practices and systems that lead to desirable education outcomes in the academic and non-academic domains. There are five award categories and they are

•    Teaching and Learning

•    Student All-round Development
•    Staff Well-being and Development

•    Character and Citizenship Education

•    Partnership

Other Awards

Lotus Sustained Achievement Award.jpg

National Arts Education Glow Award SEC Lotus Sustained Achievement Award Total Defence Award (Employees) Distinguished Defence Partner Award