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2017 Mid-Autumn Festival-cum-School Anniversary Celebrations

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29 October 2017, 6.30pm. A low hum of chatter makes the atmosphere seem charged with excitement, as the ex-students walk into the school. Stepping into their alma mater, they relive memories of mid-autumn festivals spent in the school toting lanterns and eating mooncakes. They meet old friends and older teachers, and discuss how life has been treating them, reminiscing about their secondary school days in green and white uniforms. 

While registration takes place in the foyer, current students bustle about in the school. Secondary one students buzz amongst themselves in classes in anticipation of the festivities, gabbing and joking around. Performers dress up in colourful garb and paint their faces with rouge and lipstick. Councillors set up tables and prepare food for the celebration. The school is alive with activity, setting the stage for an event of a huge scale.

The celebration kicks off with a concert held in the hall, featuring performances by the Chinese Orchestra, Guzheng Ensemble, Chinese Society, and Dance CCAs, as well as a performance by members of Zhonghua’s alumni choir. The audience is held raptured as the concert takes place. Music fills the hall and dancers grace the stage, delighting the audience with masterful musical pieces and well-executed chinese dance routines. 

The clock strikes half past seven and the concert ends. Students are released from the hall and allowed to participate in various activities around the school. Around the amphitheatre and canteen, vendors and Zhonghua’s very own Chinese Society have set up a myriad of booths, educating visitors and students on topics ranging from traditional Chinese paper cutting and Chinese calligraphy to Chinese tea ceremonies and Chinese chess, providing all with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture.

Meanwhile, the parade square is filled with lights as lanterns glow in the night like flared embers. The Secondary one students mill amongst themselves, talking and chasing each other, clutching lanterns in vibrant shades of red, orange, pink, and yellow. The alumni take pictures with teachers, holding bright lanterns that illuminate their smiling faces. The sound of exuberant laughter and conversation rings loud and clear in the night as the warm scent of smoke hovers thinly in the air.

Thus the night ends. The students go home with lanterns in their hands and joy in their hearts while alumni head out for supper with their ex-schoolmates. The event may have ended, but the bonds formed and reinforced this night will stay for years to come.

Soh Wendelyn
3E2 2017
Talent Development Programme