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ASEAN Summit Leadership Workshop

The ASEAN Summit Leadership Workshop is an annual event that allows students from all walks of life to come together to learn the importance of effective leadership, and to inspire positive changes to their own community. Here are some reflections by the Student-Leaders who participated in the event.

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Through the StrengthsFinder Workshop, I discovered that my top 5 strengths were responsibility, adaptability, positivity, achiever and learner.

I discovered more about myself and this is really beneficial for my own personal growth as an individual. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually had the ‘adaptability’ trait as I had never thought that I possessed this trait. I hope I can inspire my peers to look at things from different perspectives in the challenges ahead.

As a leader, I strive to execute my tasks with pride to the best of my abilities. As the President of the Monitor Board, I also observed my peers and learnt of their strengths. I learnt that it is essential to assign the right person with the right job to achieve optimal results. From now, I will be mindful to allocate the suitable assignments to my peers so that they will put in their best effort to achieve the best results.

When doing work, it is not uncommon to meet up with setbacks. Hence, I would hope that my team of leaders would always face adversities with positivity. I believe that a cheerful and harmonious working relationship is always helpful in alleviating the moods of others and to minimise conflicts.

Aside from making self-discovery, I discovered the strengths of my peers. Take Xin Zhi for example, I realised that she is more of the 'heart' of the team. She feels for others and is sensitive and mindful of her interaction with others. Amos, on the other hand, is definitely the 'mouth' of the team. He is charismatic and has the ability to influence others and win them over. Sean and Brilionne on the other hand are also equipped with their own unique set of talents that I believe will be useful in the team.

As a team, I believe that we can always tap on each other’s strengths in order to carry out tasks as a team. All of us together have quite a large variety of strengths. With that, I think that we can fully utilize and maximize our wide array of traits to really ensure that we work as a more efficient team. While we may have our own weaknesses, I believe that we can always support each other and have each other’s back.

Hazim, President of Monitor Board Exco 2016

Through the ASEAN Strengths Summit, I discovered strengths which I was not previously aware of. My strengths were adaptability, harmony, relator, command and self-assurance.

During the coaching session, we learnt that even though all of us may possess different strengths, we can work well with someone else who is very different from us. For instance, I found myself to have great chemistry with Hazim, although Hazim and I only shared one common trait out of five.

On the face of it, I may seem like the more influential type, while Hazim is more of the achieving type. We may seem mismatched. However, if we were able to put aside our differences and work together, we could achieve our common goals. For example, Hazim could come up with many fresh ideas while I could be the one to pitch these ideas to my peers and gain their support. This is just one example of how we can complement each other by leveraging on each other’s strengths. All in all, I find this a really empowering and inspiring workshop. I would most definitely like to recommend this to the future student-leaders.

Amos Toh, Vice-President of Monitor Board Exco 2016

The StrengthsFinder Workshop was very memorable for me. Initially, I attended the workshop without knowing what to expect or get out of it. From this workshop, I learnt that there are three types of leaders in general – the Product, Process or People leaders.

Through a very intensive survey, I realised that my strengths were mostly people-related, such as being the includer, developer and relator and having empathy and connectedness. As I reflected, I felt that I had a caring disposition towards my peers and I realised that I could be a “people’s leader”.

On the other hand, my peers who went along with me, had strengths in other categories. For instance, Hazim, President of the Monitor Board, is a very confident and outspoken character who is task-oriented and does not get distracted easily when performing his tasks. Amos, Vice-President of the Monitor Board, is very adaptable and commands respect from all his peers. Xinzhi, I&E Leader of the Monitor Board, is a very likeable character and has an infectious energy which draws people towards her.

Even though my peers and I are individuals with different strengths and styles of working, this workshop had enabled us to learn how to leverage on each other’s strengths and work well together. With our shared beliefs and positive outlook, I believe that we would be able to run the Monitor Board well together.

All in all, this was a very interesting workshop and I highly recommend my juniors to participate in this workshop.

Brillione, CCE leader of Monitor Board Exco 2016

Through the StrengthsFinder Workshop, I discovered strengths that I did not know I possessed. For example, amongst my top five strengths, I had includer, harmony, adaptability, empathy and individualization. Based on my strengths, I realised that I am more of a relationship builder. I realise that I can provide the essential glue to hold a team together and help the group become much greater than the sum of its parts.

Although I learnt that my strengths lie in my ability to empathise and reach out to my peers, I also learnt about my weaknesses through the workshop. I realised that I was the type of person who would put others before me but would not speak up on my concerns. Hence, I learnt that I have to be more outspoken and articulate my opinions. I would bear in mind to be tactful as I become more vocal.

With our combinations of strengths and weaknesses, I hope that we maximise the use of our strengths to achieve our common goal of running the Monitor Board to the best of our abilities. I hope that I will be able to contribute to my team as I manage my peers in future group work and discussions.

Xin Zhi, our I&E Leader of Monitor Board Exco 2016

After the sessions at the StrengthsFinder workshop, I am more aware of my strengths and how I can best harness them especially when I am working alongside a team that is made up of people with different abilities. I have also become even more aware of the traits that are essential for the making of a good leader. I definitely feel very empowered knowing where my strengths lie. 

During the workshop, I have also learnt that my strongest strength is restorative. It means that I am more able to spot problems and come up with good solutions to resolve them. I am quite surprised by this new discovery. I strive to be consistently meticulous in all that I do as I believe that a good leader is one who leads by actions.

I am glad to be given this opportunity to serve my class and school as a monitor for the past three years as I have definitely gotten to learn more about my strengths and weaknesses. I am thankful for being given this chance to attend the workshop. I strongly recommend my juniors to take part in it in the following year.

Fong Ling, Monitor of 3N1