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CCA Open House 2017 Reflection

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The CCA Open House on 7 January 2017 was a really large event. All the CCA (Co-curricular Activity) groups had to come up with their own ways to promote their CCAs. It was really interesting to see how every group used their own ways and means to persuade the Secondary 1 pupils to join their CCAs. All the groups were trying their best to get the Secondary 1 pupils to join as members, and the creativity and effort put into the many various forms of advertisement was really visible.

The PAGs (Performing Art Groups) had to put in a lot of effort to practise and prepare for their performances on that day. They had to stay back after school on numerous occasions just so that they could perform as splendidly as they did during the School Open House. Their efforts really paid off, as evident from the standing ovation they received from the audience of parents and Secondary 1 pupils. I am sure that there and then, having watched what the PAGs were capable of doing, some pupils had already made up their minds to join those groups. UGs (Uniform Groups) were rather creative in their way of advertisement. Theirs took a more tangible form, for UGs like the National Police Cadet Corps put up foot drill performances for the Secondary 1 pupils to see and the Scouts built wooden structures for the pupils to climb. Enjoyment was clearly written on the Secondary 1s' faces. Other CCAs, like the Art Club and Drama Club, drew large posters, hung them on their necks and strolled all around the school, giving out fliers advertising for their CCAs, which did stimulate a lot of the pupils' curiosity.

I still remember when I was in Secondary One, and was faced with the difficult task of choosing the CCA that I would be in for the next four years. I was never much of a sociable person, and did not really relish the idea of being in a club. The choice itself was compulsory, of course. All pupils had to choose a CCA to join. I decided to go for Scouts, a UG which seemed to do really fun things, like build interesting structures. I discussed the matter with my parents and they decided to let me go for it. After an interview, I did manage to successfully enter Scouts and was warmly welcomed to the great world of scouting knowledge. I fell in love with its rich history and the myriads of scouting activities, all taught by friendly seniors who were really passionate about scouting. I, through mixing with many from my CCA, started to become a more open person. Without me even realising it, my introversion began to fade away. I was no longer the shy, scared boy I was in Secondary 1. Through the many scouting experiences I went through, determination and resilience were values that were almost impossible not to gain.

I am, currently, faring fairly well in Scouts, trying to impart as much scouting knowledge as I can to the next batch of scouts and do sincerely hope that they would enjoy scouting as much as I had. Not once did I regret choosing Scouts as my CCA, for all that I have gained from the past two years would never have been mine to possess had I not joined Scouts.

I do feel that the Secondary 1 pupils should really think hard about which CCA they intend to choose, for it will be one where they grow up and mature in, one where they learn most of life's great lessons from and one where they will have the best time of the lives. Therefore, I urge all of you, my fellow juniors, to make the right choice, to choose the CCA that you are most passionate about for it will pave the road which you will take in the next four years in your secondary school journey, whether you like it or not.

Justin Tee
Secondary 3E2 2017