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Chinese Orchestra’s Singapore Youth Festival Reflections 2017

I feel that I've grown and learnt a lot through the journey towards SYF'17. I can proudly say ZHCO did very well in obtaining the Certificate of Distinction. It sure didn't come easy. 

When I first received the two songs we would be performing for SYF'17, I was in shock. I thought: Surely this is too difficult for me. Thankfully, I had the guidance of my instructors and seniors who helped us during our practices and got us to learn the pieces one step at a time. Without my seniors and instructor, I cannot imagine how I would make it to SYF'17. 

I wanted to give up the chance of taking part in SYF initially, but the constant encouragement from my section mates and friends gave me the motivation to fight for a place to participate in SYF'17.  

Through them, I've learnt perseverance. We all persevered until the end of SYF'17. The performance was a huge success, but the most important lesson for me was the time and effort spent preparing for such an important performance.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my seniors, instructor, and definitely, the ZHCO teachers-in-charge. A huge thank you for believing in us, giving us encouragement and walking this journey with us. As for the next batch of CO members that are going to participate in SYF'19, we shall work hard and play hard together! Let's put in our very best to obtain the Certificate of Distinction again!  

Loy Wei Ling, 2E2 

This SYF was unlike anything I have experienced as compared to the past SYFs I had been through. This time, the Sec 4s were required to step up and lead the members. It was indeed tough, but for sure, we found joy in it.  

I came to realise that the management and planning of a performance piece was not easy. Sitting at the backstage, we heard the other schools playing their songs melodiously, which pressured us to play better than them and that put some of us into a state of extreme nerves.

Though there was immense pressure, we still managed to pull through and clinch a distinction! Through this journey, I learnt that nothing comes easy without working hard together as a team. I would also like to thank all the teachers and coaches as well as the school for supporting us throughout this entire journey. It means a lot to us. To the future generations of CO, I sincerely hope that you can continue to perform to best of your abilities with this quote in mind: "We can achieve if we believe!"   

Ong Kai Xuan, 4e4