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Chinese Society 2016 National Chinese Calligraphy Competition

Event : National Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2016                     Date : 3rd April 2016

On 3
rd of April 2016, a group of Chinese Society (Calligraphy) students took part in a national calligraphy competition organised by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), 第十六届新加坡全国书法大赛. It is an annual event where schools and the general public come together to showcase their talents in calligraphy. As we strode into the majestic building, we were greeted by cool air, providing a much-needed balm from the sweltering and scorching heat outside. After registering, we sauntered down the staircase and were awed by the beautiful architecture that the building held. We sat down at our designated places, and made use of the 15 minutes before the commencement of the competition to practise and warm up.


As soon as the school bell rang, the organizer announced the start of the competition. As the duration of this competition was only an hour, we hurriedly folded a piece of paper 20 character-lengths long, with the help of the invigilators. As soon as we finished, we quickly dipped our brushes into ink-filled plates and started to write. Things were a little sketchy at first but as we got into the rhythm and the flow of the words, the quality gradually improved.  Time flew and in the blink of an eye, 45 minutes had passed.  Some of us were still at our 15th word, and time was running out. With the passing of each minute, our level of anxiety increased and beads of perspiration were visible on the foreheads of many. Fortunately, we were able to deal with the stress and finished our art piece.


We proceeded to the auditorium to enjoy a series of light-hearted performances. The performances were truly spectacular and amazing, and all of us had a great and enjoyable time watching them.


Tension built up within us as they started the prize-giving ceremony. Though we did not get to win any individual awards, we took heart in the belief that the most important aspect of a competition are the learning experiences it provides, none of which are found in normal classroom settings. However, much to our elation, our school was voted the best team by the judges. We are very honored to receive this award, but more importantly, it was the work of our peers and teachers who gave us the needed support in order for us to succeed.


All in all, the event was a fun and enjoyable experience. Although we did not win any individual awards, being awarded the best team is testament to the effort that we put in and acts as a source of encouragement to spur us on to reach for greater heights. Maybe in upcoming competitions one of us might clinch a prize. The competition also emphasized that there will always be people better than us, and that we should always work hard and stay humble.


By Tseng Kuo Hao 曾国皓(3E3)and Tee Jing Hong 郑敬弘(3E5


CL Calligraphy -  Composite.jpg

Kok Hui Jing, 3N1

From the competition, I learnt that we need to practice in order to produce beautiful calligraphy.


Jessica Loh, 3E4

I have learnt that even if I made mistakes in the process, I should continue and stop fretting over them.

Lee Hui Shan, 3E4

Through this competition, I have learnt to strive for my very best even in the face of setbacks.


Dilys Khoo, 3E4

Through this competition, I got the chance to experience what it was like to be competing with people from different schools who are more skillful than I am.


Lee Ying Jun, 1E1

It was a great experience having to compete with people who possess different levels of calligraphy skills. This competition has allowed me to learn that there will always be people who are more skillful than us and that we should always try our best.

Owen Tan Keng Leng  陈劲龙, 3E5


Ho Yaw Chyun 何耀全, 3E2