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Chinese Society Performance in Chinese Festival of the Arts

After countless practices with Mdm Fan, our Chinese Drama coach, I feel more confident as my skill in acting has improved considerably. 

How do I know that? This is largely because I am not nervous when I am acting onstage. During the Chinese Festival of the Arts, I was able to express how my character was supposed to feel. I was not paying attention to the crowd. I was able to fully concentrate on my acting.

Through this experience, aside from learning how to speak confidently, I have also learnt other essential values such as resilience and perseverance. Even though I was frequently chastised by Mdm Fan, I was able to take her scolding in good stride. I know she only scolded me because she could see the potential in me and want me to improve my craft. There were moments when I was upset by her negative feedback. However, I took the opportunity to reflect. This was indeed a humbling experience. Not only have I become a better actor, I have also become a better person. I am truly grateful to Mdm Fan for her guidance. 

Aside from taking part in this prestigious Chinese Festival of Arts at the Esplanade, I am also thankful to have been given the opportunity to take part in the storytelling competition the previous year. I would also like to express gratitude to Mr Yang Bin for giving me opportunities to gain new experience, to hone my skills as an a actor.

Leong Fong Ling 4N1





Zhong Zixuan 4E2

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