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Choir 2017 Singapore Youth Festival

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Looking back to the past few months of preparation, we realise that the Choir has come a long way. While preparing for the SYF, we improved in our musical knowledge and also learnt many values that were critical to making a better team such as camaraderie, creativity and empathy.  

One of the key things we were taught was to “make a connection”. “Making a connection” did not only mean connecting with the conductor, but also with our peers, and, more importantly, the song itself. We also realised the utmost importance of the people who were around us as, without them, we could never be a full choir. 

We also learnt how to express our creativity through music as we were given an opportunity to compose our own ending for our set piece, Bunga Sayang. It was through these types of activities that we got to learn more about one another, and how to work better and more effectively as a team. Even though we disagreed with one another at times, we did our best to put aside our differences in order to strive towards our common goal. 

To us, as well as all the choir members, this has been a painstaking and arduous journey. Working with one another has taught us to appreciate each other more and be more empathetic. The only thing we prize above whatever result we get, is the intangible experience that we went through together. 

Voon Shu Ting (4E5)
Sean Peh Jia Jing (4E5)