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Our school underwent an External Validation Exercise from 26 Feb to 2 Mar 2015 this year led by a team comprising MOE officials from the Schools Appraisal Branch, Principals, Cluster Superintendents and Heads of Departments.   We are proud to announce that our autonomous school status has been renewed for the next 6 years (2015 – 2020) and we have once again been awarded the School Distinction Award!  We have also been recognised for all the 5 Best Practices accorded by MOE, namely Teaching and Learning, Student All-Round Development, Character and Citizenship Education, Staff Well-Being and Development and Partnership!  This validation exercise has re-affirmed that we are an institution of excellence not only in the area of the academics but also in providing a myriad of rich learning experiences for our Zhonghuarians guided by sound values and a sense of mission!  We are grateful for our committed internal stakeholders (parents, members of the School Advisory Committee, alumni) and external strategic partners in support of our educational endeavours. We are poised now to soar in our next lap of the school’s journey to develop Scholars and Leaders of the Future!   Well done everyone!