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Cyber-Wellness Student Ambassador Programme 2016

Our school held a Cyber-Wellness Carnival on 12 April 2016. Active participation from students was evident due to the game-based nature of the cyber-wellness booths and the attractive free gifts. This successful carnival was a culmination of a series of cyber-wellness activities that had been infused in our CCE cyber bullying lessons.


Prior to this, we attended a cyber-wellness conference at Cedar Girls’ School where we met many other like-minded cyber-wellness warriors and shared ideas on how we can promote cyber-wellness. During the brainstorming sessions, our team conceptualised a school-wide cyber-wellness game using Instagram to post positive messages to inspire and motivate fellow students.


Our team followed through the process of creating an Instagram competition for our fellow Zhonghuarians and liaising with all the CCE class monitors to brief their classmates on how to take part in the competition. Apart from that, we also sieved through every participant’ spost and judged every single entry before deciding on the winning entries. Organising this school-wide competition was a steep learning curve for all of us. However, it was most definitely a worthwhile learning journey for us as we learnt how to plan and organise a school-wide event. We also learnt how to properly communicate with our fellow CCE leaders and made sure that our instructions for the competition were succinctly and clearly delivered.

This programme allowed us to truly understand the harmful effects of cyber-bullying and the importance of cyber-wellness. We hope our fellow schoolmates were engaged while participating in our carnival and become more discerning of the reliability of messages and news they see on social media as well as become more aware of the roles they can play to prevent cyber-bullying from taking place. 


By Zhonghua Cyber-Wellness Warriors

Jaymee Tan (2E3), Lim Shi Pei (2E1), Lachelle Lim (2E3) & Lee An Ni (2E3)

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