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Design & Technology Learning Journey to IKEA (IKEA Tampines, 10 Feb 2016)

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Our students had a meaningful experience at IKEA Tampines, where they were given opportunities to apply their knowledge to overcome challenging situations that were thrown to them. In addition, they also conducted useful surveys and research on site. Through this learning journey, students were exposed to a different learning experience, beyond what they are typically accustomed to in their classrooms. Here are some of their sharing:


I finally visited IKEA with my classmates today. Today’s learning journey has allowed me to be better equipped for my GCE “N’ Level coursework. Through this learning journey, I have gained a greater understanding of conceptualising my design as well as exploring more suitable design specifications for my product. After today’s trip, I have decided to make changes to my product design after learning more about my target audience. This learning journey has given me a greater insight of the impact on the use of colours in product design. I have also learnt how designers actually take into considerations the safety and comfort of the user when they first produce their designs. These are factors that I did not formally consider. 


Lee Jia Jun

Secondary 4T1 2016



Today, we went to IKEA for our D&T Learning Journey. I learnt that there are many ways to designing objects, even for objects that are seemingly trivial. For instance, when designing a handle, apart from designs, one needs to contemplate on the use of the different materials available and even the use of colours. In addition, my classmates and I took many photos of the products and the various showrooms within IKEA. While I went round the showrooms, I have gained a better idea of how different a room layout can be. The different setting of the showrooms inspired me to think more deeply about my product design and reflect on how I can best place my product within these different spaces. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope that there could be more of such meaningful learning journeys as the authentic learning experience definitely heightened my sense and consciousness of my own product design. 


Phua Jie Kai

Secondary 4T1 2016