The journey culminating in our final performance was a gruelling, long and harsh one. However, despite the arduous and intensive training sessions, the ELDDS members banded together and persevered with both tenacity and resilience.

Through the months of preparation, we learnt the invaluable importance of teamwork and communication. Moreover, as we prepared for the performance, we began learning more about each other's quirks, in turn, allowing us to bond with each other. 

All in all, I felt that it was an experience to remember despite the adversity we faced. We managed to pull through with unflagging determination to put up a performance that we are proud of. 

Amelia Ong, 4E4

SYF 2017 has indeed been a special year. It is the year that we, the Secondary 4 seniors, will have to step up as leaders of the CCA. Not only that, during the course of the whole journey, we have suffered many changes and setbacks which had been very demoralising.

However, like a wise man once said, "It's not how you start that's important, it is how you finish." Although this may seem rather clichéd, the whole CCA persevered and braved the changes head on, and managed to perform a great performance despite the shortage of time. 

SYF 2017 has made me grow as a leader. I have certainly made many mistakes, and I am always willing to learn from them. If I were to summarise everything in 3 words I guess it would be: veni, vedi, vici. 

Quek Zhen Hao, 4E4

The SYF was a wonderful experience and I am very glad and grateful for the opportunity to experience it as a member of the main cast this time round. 

Regardless of the outcome, everyone worked very hard, did the best they could, did very well and ought to be proud of themselves. 

I feel ecstatic that we all had the chance to bond as a CCA through this experience. I am heartened and proud to seem how the rest of the CCA has progressed through these amazing months, from the wonderful new Secondary One juniors to the lovely Secondary Three juniors, and of course, the remarkable people in my cohort. 

I feel proud of Carbon Copy and the people that played a part in it. I feel grateful for all the help and support the teachers have shown towards us during this time and our trainer for coming back for us. It was a fantastic performance and I am very happy and proud of it!

Charlotte Low, 4E1