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Events Management Workshop for Secondary 4 Talent Development Programme (TDP) Students


The Secondary 4 Talent Development Programme (TDP) students went to Republic Polytechnic on 29 March 2018 for an Events Management Workshop. Students were taught how to plan a programme for an event in terms of logistics, target audience, budget and publicity.
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In this workshop, I learnt about key factors that make up an event and how to ensure the success of an event. I also learnt that managing an event is not an easy feat.  It requires a lot of planning, organising, and of course, management of people.  Hence, I am more appreciative of the events that are organised for us by our teachers and fellow students    Moreover, I like this workshop because there were many hands-on activities and we got to actually plan an event and present our proposal to everyone. It was very interesting to see that every group presented the same event very differently.    

Through the workshop, I learnt skills such as presentation skills and decision-making skills. With these skills, I feel that I will be more confident at organising events as I will make sure that I do not miss out any important components in order for the event to run smoothly.   
Chen Hui Shan, 4E3   

I learnt the different steps that an event planner needs to go through to ensure the success of an event. In addition, I realised the importance of having a schedule. Planning an event is always time-consuming and problems will occur when people do not complete their tasks on time. Furthermore, every team player must possess a strong sense of discipline and pride in order for work of high standard to be completed on time.   

The workshop was rather interesting as I gained new insights on how to plan an event. Moreover, it was very hands-on. We can use the skills that were taught right away.   
Lee Pei Xuan, 4E4  

This workshop was really enriching as I learnt useful life skills that actually prepares me for the future. When I move on to a tertiary institution and the workforce in the future, I am confident that I will be able to manage and organise an event. As a whole, I really enjoyed the casual format of the workshop. It was not conducted in a typical lecture style and the trainer was very engaging. I like the part when we had to complete our proposal in 30 minutes. This actually tested our time management skills and I felt challenged to come up with a feasible idea with my fellow teammates. I enjoyed the group work and my team rejoiced when we received a prize for the best proposal.   
Gaven Khoo, 4E3