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Guzheng’s Reflections for Singapore Youth Festival 2017

Our SYF journey had been an arduous one, not just for the leaders of the CCA, but also for the teachers and all the Guzheng members. We had undergone many hardships and challenges together. Many members cried due to the tremendous stress we faced at some points in time. However, as a leader, I am heartened to know that the junior members understood why we were pushing them to the best of their abilities and we definitely bonded through our practice sessions.

As what our teacher-in-charge, Mrs Ho always says, “we reap what we sow”. We genuinely believe that the tears and sweat that all of us have contributed would bring us great results. 

The leaders are proud to see their members’ growth over the past one and a half years – having witnessed their lack-of-enthusiasm at the beginning, and how they have progressed to being keen team players over time. 

Despite the journey being a physically and mentally tiring one, it was undoubtedly fulfilling and rewarding as we have forged long-lasting friendships and fond memories together. Guzheng Ensemble is truly our second family!

Carine, 4E1

在这一年中,古筝团里的每一位成员都有了明显的成长。从起初的懵懵懂懂,完全不熟悉团队运作的我们,渐渐地成为了老师们完全放心让我们指挥局面的领袖们。虽然一路上很坎坷,常会发生一些令人意想不到的突发状况,但是真是因为这些事情的发生,让我们能在更短的时间内迅速成长。这一年,对所有人都不容易,在为成绩奋斗的同时,还要把精力花在练习琴艺上。但我们总会在每个训练结束前,为对方加油打气,因此大家的心也在不知不觉中慢慢地贴近。我们的古筝指导老师,崔静怡老师,曾说过,音乐不只是表面上的表现,技巧亦然重要,但一首歌的情绪也是特别关键的,只有音乐家本身感受到了音乐里的力量,才能更好的把音乐中的情感诠释给观众。这也是为什么培养团队的默契是我们不可缺少的一部分。我相信,每一个成员的心中都会感到自豪,为自己所做的努力感到值得。这段经历相信会让我们所有人永生难忘,我们也一定会在以后的道路上继续互相扶持,成为更棒的人!2016-2017古筝团 大家辛苦了! 

Huang Fen, 4E4

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